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Monday, January 30, 2012


Here is a continuation of "The Dating List," a WIP, sequel to "The Marriage List" and "The Love List" written to the word prompt, "save". One significant change. Delia has been changed to Leah, a different character altogether! Here is Part Two:

“Save some for me, first…I have some good news.”
“Do tell,” Carrie said as she put the top down on the coffeemaker and turned to face her.
Leah got up and retrieved a small portfolio from the outside pocket of her suitcase. Colin’s gaze followed her. He noticed her leggings hugging her slim legs. When she bent slightly to unzip the pocket his eyes traced the outline of her firm behind, nicely rounded but not big, not out of proportion to the rest of her small frame. His tongue felt thick and his fingers twitched slightly at the idea of running them along the smooth skin of her bare rear end.

“Remember I told you I did some drawings of lingerie…” she began, flopping the portfolio on the counter top. Colin left the sofa and moved toward the kitchen. He placed his empty beer bottle in the kitchen sink, then wandered over to see what the women were fussing over.
“This is our cue to leave, Colin. Two women, the word lingerie…”
"Your funeral. I’m going to see if there is a game on, any game,” Grey said, disappearing through the den door that opened onto the kitchen.
Leah flashed Colin a warm smile before unbuckling the small case.
“Hurry! I’m dying to see these,” Carrie said.
Leah took out three single sheets of drawing paper with sketches on them.
“I took these from the historical romance I was reading. What do you think?”
Leah chewed her lip as she watched Carrie pick up and examine the first sheet. Colin moved back so he could look over Carrie’s shoulder. He saw a stylized drawing of a woman, long legs, willowy, wearing a lacy confection that looked like a corset.
“The material is soft…it just looks like a corset but it isn’t hard, no whalebone. Silk and lace and it hangs down a whisker below her…” Leah looked over at Colin, then back at Carrie.
“Low enough,” Carrie put in.
Leah nodded, licking her lower lip, her eyebrows knitted.
“Do you like it?” She asked Carrie. “Do you think it’s sexy?” She looked at Colin.
“I think it’s amazing…so original, Leah. It’s beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it. But as for sexy, let’s get a man’s opinion.”
Carrie turned to face Colin and raised her eyebrows.

Heat pooled in his chest as the two women trained their eyes on him. Suddenly his throat went dry. His gaze dropped down to the picture. The model had hair the color of Leah’s. In the drawing, the soft bustier-type garment draped gently around the model’s curves. Colin narrowed his eyes and pictured it on Leah. He stole a glance at Leah’s hips and legs outlined perfectly in the leggings. He could see the edge of the lace on the garment Leah designed barely covering her luscious-looking rear end. For the neckline, again he stole a peek. With quick mental calculation, he figured Leah’s breasts would more than fill his hands. Her long-sleeved aqua tank top was cut low enough to reveal a nice helping of inviting cleavage, especially as she leaned slightly in his direction awaiting his opinion. Mentally he made the switch from the tank top to the bustier top. His breathing snagged for a moment.

The heat of the mental image of Leah in the skimpy garment brought warmth to his cheeks. Not only could he see her in the garment but he’d have given his right arm to have her in it at that very moment.
“So…what’s the verdict? Sexy?” Leah asked, running her tongue over her lower lip.
“That’s an understatement.” Colin said when he managed to control his breath.




Christina Cole said...

OK, I'll admit I was a little disappointed when you said you were changing Delia to Leah. She made such an impressive entrance last week. But, I have to admit you've come up with another great character in Leah. And what an interesting little situation!

Tai Vicari said...

What I love about reading your art is that I get so wrapped up into the story that I feel like I am right there. O'boy O'boy....Feeling hot! ;-)

Karen said...

This is getting very interesting. I can see a lot of conflict on the horizon.

Lindsay said...

I think Grey is going to be mad because he beat a retreat. As for Colin, he's headed for a major life changing decision if he keeps looking at Leah like that.
I like the character name change as it will create an interesting conflict for him

Sherry Gloag said...

Loved it, both the 'feel' of your 'Tale' this week, but the content. Very vivid.

Kenny Sherwood said...

Very well-written. The descriptions makes me feel like I am in the room.