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Monday, March 26, 2012


This is from my WIP with Ben Tanner called "Love, Lost & Found"...

She took the last bite of her food and smiled. It was delicious as the soft evening delicious as the dark blue night sky and as delicious as the handsome man smiling across the table at her.
    "A walk sounds wonderful." She wiped her mouth with her napkin.
They walked back to the resort in silence, not touching, moving closer then stepping away. Uncertainty was in the air. When they got near the beach, Tara slipped her high-heeled sandals off and stuck her finger through the loops, dangling them from one hand.  She extended her hand hesitantly in his direction. He slowly joined his fingers with hers.
"I…uhhh," he started, but didn’t finish.
I can't believe I’m acting this way around a woman I just met.
“What?” Tara stopped to face him, dropping his hand.
“It’s…just…I’ve had so much pain…I…”
“You’re worried about me?”
He nodded. The moon bathed her in soft, shimmery light adding to her beauty.  They stared at each other at a safe distance for a minute. Tara took his hand and laced her fingers with his again, pulling him closer. They walked on in silence for a little bit. She broke from him to lean against a palm tree and gaze at the moon. He joined her, looking up as well.
"What do you see?" He asked her.
"I see a new beginning...for me...and for you."
He put his arm around her shoulders. Tears clouded her eyes. She turned her face away from him but he pulled her to him. She hid her face in his chest as her tears fell.
"No need for tears around me. I’d never hurt you."
She looked up into his eyes.
"I’d never hurt you either," she murmured.
At those words, he pulled her close to hug her. Feeling her warm body against his, under the moonlight, on the crystal beaches, his heart raced while his mind was at ease. It was a long time since he held a woman in his arms or kissed one, either.
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Christina Cole said...

Beautiful scene, Jean. I love the romantic night you've created.

Karen said...

I'm loving your story Jean. You know how I feel about beach scenes. This piece is full of emotion and commitment. Beautiful tale.

An Open Book said...

The ambiance is detailed and perfect- to be that new in a relationship- sigh

Miss those moments- TY for letting me remember


Tai Vicari said...

I was drawn in instantly. I smell the salt in the air. I hope he kisses her soon. Thanks Jean.

Sherry Gloag said...

I love the spark of emotion between them and that they are both so hesitatn about taking the next step. Lovely scene.

Carolyn Gibbs said...

I love romantic beach scenes, and this one is so vivid. Great work, Jean.

Lindsay said...


Iris B said...

You delivered again, Jean! Really liked it.