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Friday, March 23, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample of "Now and Forever 2, the Book of Danny"

This scene takes place at Callie & Mac's house. Danny and Eliza are having dinner there. Now and Forever 2, the Book of Danny is a free-standing book. You don't have to have read book 1 to understand book 2.
Dinner was a fairly chaotic affair as Kitty spilled her milk, Jason got catsup all over his light blue shirt and Callie accidentally knocked the salad bowl on the floor. Fortunately, it didn’t break.
Is it always like this when you have kids? He shot a questioning glance at Eliza who was scooping salad off the floor.

She laughed and shrugged her shoulders.
After dinner, everyone helped clean up.
“I’ve got my first square dance tomorrow night,” Danny announced, returning the salad bowl to the kitchen.
“What fun! I wish I could go with you,” Callie said.
“Eliza is coming.”
Callie looked at her girlfriend and raised an eyebrow, but said nothing.
“Do you play baseball in the Army,” Jason asked.
‘No, but I can play here. Do you play?”
Jason nodded and ran into the other room, returning moments later with his baseball and glove. While the men took Jason outside for a game of catch, Callie and Eliza finished cleaning up in the kitchen and put Kitty to bed.

 “Are you dating Danny?” Callie asked.
“Hmmm?” Eliza muttered, her eyes trained on the dishes, turned away from Callie’s stare.
“You’re here with him, you’re going out with him tomorrow. You two are spending a lot of time together.”
“Just helping him make social connections here. He doesn’t know anyone else and...”
“Baloney. Can’t fool me. I know a couple when I see one.”
Eliza kept washing dishes, refusing to meet Callie's gaze.
“Simon is a stiff. He went off to Europe without you. I don’t think he’s good enough for you.”
“And you think a man ten years younger than I am is?” Eliza inquired raising one eyebrow.
“Danny’s special…not like other guys. He’s not a phony or a liar.”
“Sort of like Kyle?”
“And Mac, too. So are you seeing each other?”
“Sort of…a few dates and—”Eliza shrugged.
“I told Mac you were and he said you weren’t. Hah! Men never know these things. You are good for Danny,” Callie said, with a smile.
“What does he need an old lady like me for?”
“You’re not an old lady. You’re kind and caring, giving him stability…good sense. Plus you’re very pretty. Danny likes pretty women.”

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 A bit about the book:

Can the newest professor at Kensington State escape his previous life as a killer? Leaving the Army didn't mean the war left him so Capt. Danny Maine, now teaching English, must find a way to lead a normal life. Finding love and rekindling an old friendship are not enough to defeat old demons. Danny Maine fights to free himself from war memories and dangerous men, hoping that a new love and a new Glock will bring him peace. Now and Forever 2, the Book of Danny is a heartfelt story of love, loss and ultimate triumph that will touch your heart.
 Available in ebook and paperback 


Cajunflair said...

Hello Jean! I'm usually late at posting, but not tonight! I love the storyline of wounded (in mind only) vet trying to make a life for himself afterwards. Sounds like a story that would hold my interest!

An Open Book said...

Helping him with social skills? Really? Hmmm, sure thing lady- lol

Great excerpt!

J. Gunnar Grey said...

Sounds like another nice one, Jean. Looking forward to reading it.

Sarah Ballance said...

I love the back-and-forth of this conversation. It's so authentic!

Lindsay said...

Love the story and this dialogue is so genuine

Sandra said...

Ten years younger? You go, girl!

elaine cantrell said...

Social connections. right.

Patricia Kiyono said...

Nice. I want to know more about this couple!