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Monday, March 19, 2012


Here's a second excerpt from my current WIP , "If I Loved You.  To read the first snippet, click here.

“You’re going to be the financial advisor to Chaz Duncan, Chaz Duncan, the movie star?” Penny put her crochet project down and raised her eyebrows.
“I’m handling all the celebrity accounts at Diller and Weed.”
“Because I handle Mark’s account…wait, your and Mark’s account.”
“And I’m a big celebrity…star quarterback with the Delaware Demons.” Mark stretched his long arms over his head then out to the side.
“Big whoop, Mark. I’ll bet he’s as full of himself as you are…maybe more.”
“Everyone knows how humble and self-effacing I am.” Mark grinned at his twin sister.
“Self-effacing…a twenty dollar word.”
“What’s got your panties in a twist? You’re lucky to be meeting a hot guy like Dunc Charles.”
“Dunc? You call him Dunc?”
“Hell, yeah. His nickname… all his Hollywood buds call him that. He came to a game and I met him, even shared a beer.”
Meg rolled her eyes. Penny pushed to her feet.
“Come on.” She tugged on Meg’s arm.
“Where to?”
“A make-over. You don’t think I’m going to let you meet Duncan Charles looking like that do you?”
“What do you mean?”
“I wasn’t going to say anything, Meg, and you know I love you like a sister…but it’s time to take a leap into the twenty-first century and stop dressing like a 1930’s spinster…your hair…we gotta fix that, too.”
 Meg Davis sputtered and protested but between Mark and Penny, she didn’t stand a chance. Before she could fasten her jacket, she’d been pushed into the elevator and was on her way to Bergdorf Goodman accompanied by Penny and Mark’s credit card. 
When they returned, Penny came into the condo
first. She turned off the television.
“Hey! What're you doing?” Mark sat up and put his beer down on the glass coffee table.
“You’ll never believe it…”
“Yeah? Did you get her a new disposition, too?” Mark turned back to the TV.
“Come on, Mark! She needs an audience. She’s not sure she likes all this and well…I need you to convince her.”
“Me? I couldn’t convince her the sky’s blue.”
“Wait…wait…” Penny backed out of the room and opened the door.
Meg walked in, wobbling a bit on heels that were too high for her. Mark sat back and narrowed his eyes, looking his sister over.
“Hmm…I’d have to say…Wow, Meg. You look…awesome!”
Meg smiled lamely at him and wobbled closer.
“Gotta learn to walk.” Mark looked over his sister more closely.
Her glossy dark brown hair wasn’t pulled back but hung loose, freshly trimmed to  shoulder length. Spiky bangs, coral lipstick and a low-cut sweater showing plenty of cleavage gave her a saucy look.
“Didn’t know you could look like that…pretty hot…for a sister. Didn’t know you had…uh…those, either.” He gestured with cupped hands to his own chest, while his cheeks colored a bit.
Meg’s green eyes danced under the perfect layer of mascara and Mark’s praise. Her irridecent blue suit emphasized her dark good looks and her dazzling smile. The garment fit her curves perfectly and the thin, white sweater underneath also hugged her like a glove. A thin gold chain with a gold heart, the ultimate elegant touch to the gorgeous outfit, hung low on her chest. Mark leaned over and peered under the sofa.
“What did you do with my sister, Penny?”
Meg threw a pillow at him and he guffawed. Penny placed the receipts in Mark’s hand. He crossed the room and transferred them to Meg.
“You’re my financial manager, do something with these.”
“Doesn’t she look fabulous?” Penny wrapped her fingers around Mark’s bicep as she gave Megan another once-over.
“Old Duncan’ll never know what hit him.” Mark gave Meg another appreciative look.
“He puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else,” she sniffed.
“It’s not about how he puts his pants on…” Penny began.
“But how he takes ‘em off,” Mark snickered.

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Iris B said...

Love it Jean. Can't wait to read more .... :-)

BLMorticia said...

Great read Jean. Love it!

Dakota Trace said...

Oooo, a complete makeover. That's great but something tells me that Meg is the same person underneath.

Tai Vicari said...

It's great how Mark and Penny are playing matchmakers. And I love makeovers. Cant wait to find out what happens when Dunc sees Meg.

Karen said...

I love the idea of the makeover. I'm excited to see Duncan's reaction when he sees Meg.

Lindsay said...

Oh this is SO good. I love it.

Christina Cole said...

Fun story, Jean, with great characters. I think you've got a winner here.