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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tuesday Tales - Prompt "Car"

Here is a snippet of my WIP, "If I Loved You". Chaz Duncan, a well-known movie star and Megan Davis, his financial advisor are leaving a posh French restaurant after a business dinner.
 She saw color creep up his neck for the first time and it made her smile. Suddenly, he didn’t seem to be Chaz Duncan, movie star, just an embarrassed, lonely guy looking for a woman, a woman he could trust. That’s me. Trustworthy as hell….
 “I’m trustworthy,” she blurted out.
What am I saying?
“Are you applying for the position?”  She saw the gleam of humor mix with a hint of desire in his eyes.
“Oh no…no, I didn’t mean to imply…no, absolutely not. No sirree…nope.”
“You don’t have to be insulting about it. I’m told being my bedmate isn’t at all bad.”
“I didn’t mean to imply…” Megan stopped speaking when she realized she was only digging herself in deeper.
“Open mouth, insert foot?”
She nodded and smiled.
 “Could you get the check, please?”
“Of course.”
Jean Pierre appeared two minutes later and Chaz requested the check. Megan fumbled in her purse, looking for her American Express card but Chaz had his ready.
“This is business. Let Dillon and Weed treat you to dinner.”
“I never let a woman pay.” Chas placed his card on the table.
“I’m not a woman. Think of me as Harvey Dillon.”
“You have many assets old Harvey doesn’t. I insist.”
“I’ll get in trouble with Mr. Dillon if you pay.” Satisfied she finally outsmarted him, she smiled and sat back.
Chaz sat thinking for a moment.
“In that case…must I call you Harvey?” He put his American Express card back in his wallet.
Megan laughed out loud. Before he put it away, she peeked at the wallet, looking for the telltale ring, the outline of a condom, but didn’t see one. Maybe he was telling the truth…he doesn’t sleep with groupies.
As they put on their coats, Megan could see Chaz’s shoulders rise a tad, his body stiffen slightly as they prepared to go out into the world again. The price of fame. Loss of privacy. Seven million bucks doesn’t come without some consequence.
He picked up his cell phone and pressed a button.
“Ready.” He slipped his phone into his back pocket and took her elbow, guiding her to the front door.
“The car will pick us up in a minute and I’ll drop you home. Where do you live?”



Dakota Trace said...

Very intriguing even though if it's a touch embarrassing. Can't wait to see where the rest of this story goes.


Karen said...

Oh I love that she was looking for signs of a condom in his wallet. I am totally loving where this story is going.

Christina Cole said...

Another winner, Joan. Great characters, intriguing situation. I have a feeling Chaz will be a big hit with readers.

Lindsay said...

Interesting bantering back and forth between them

Tai Vicari said...

I love your characters. Chaz seems like one of my dream guys. (fanning myself) Can't wait to see where this goes.

Sherry Gloag said...

I love the interchange between them and her fraudian slip, even if she refuses to acknowledge it!