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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Here's the story behind my free read on my publisher, the Secret Cravings website. In Now and Forever 3, Blind Love, my newest release, I introduced Sam Caldwell, a supporting character. Some of you may know his son, Mac, hero of Now and Forever 1, a Love Story and a recurring character in the other books in this series. Sam is 63 in Now and Forever 3, a widower who falls in love. He intrigued me,  I couldn't let him go. He kept tugging on my sleeve to tell his story. And I became curious about his first wife, Mac's mom, Ellen, who had past away so suddenly at a young age. 

That's how Now and Forever: The Beginning, Love Knows No Boundaries came into being. Sam wanted me to tell everyone how he met Ellen and fell in love. So their story has become my free read. If you have a few minutes, here is the first episode.

Part 1

Sam Caldwell folded his lean six foot two inch frame into a window seat on the Metroliner headed for D.C. Rain ran in rivulets down the windowpane, moving faster, streaking across the glass as the train picked up speed. On his way to his fortieth college reunion, Sam thought back to the first time he put his big feet on the campus of Jefferson College, smack dab in the heart of the nation’s capital. He closed his eyes and let his head fall back against the seat, giving his mind over to the image of that day and how it changed his life.
A twenty-two year old Viet Nam vet, Sam acquired the money to attend Jefferson College through his four years of Army service. He stood on the path to the quad off 20th Street, his arms overloaded with handbooks, forms, the campus map and a small duffle bag. It was August and hotter than hell, typical of summertime in Washington. The humid heat weighed him down like a wet mattress balanced across his broad shoulders. He wore slacks and a short sleeve shirt which he had already sweated through. He chuckled as he heard complaints from other students as they walked by. This is nothing compared to ‘Nam in August…bunch a pussies.
As he approached the quad, he looked ahead and saw her. Standing on the grass, studying a small map was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Her blonde hair glistened in the sun like spun gold. Her sundress revealed peachy skin and perfect curves. Sam’s keen blue eyes traveled slowly from the tip of her head down to her bare sandals, not missing an inch. His mouth went dry. As if she felt his stare, she looked right at him and smiled. He felt suddenly awkward and dropped the book and papers he was holding.
When he finished gathering them up, he glanced up and she was gone. Damn! He heard someone clear their throat behind him…felt a small tug on his sleeve. He turned around and there she was, all five feet three inches of her, standing not two feet from him. Her large, soulful blue eyes were trained on his.
“Excuse me; do you know the way to the administration building?”
“Sorry. I’m a freshman. Don’t know my way around yet.”
She blushed. Pink had never been one of his favorite colors but he began to understand the attraction of that particular shade.
“Oh. I’m so sorry. I thought you were an upper classman…you look…older.”
“I am. A vet.”
“Viet Nam?” Her lips parted in a dazzling smile as her gaze connected with his.
He nodded as the ability to speak temporarily deserted his brain.
“Sam…Sam Caldwell.” He fairly sputtered his name.
“Ellen Wells.” She offered her hand and he covered her small one with his.
After letting go of her hand, he lifted the map from her fingers.
“Let’s take a look.”
A blond man appeared behind him. Sam whirled around. Shit!
“Hi, I’m Bill Ryan and you...”
“…are beautiful.”

 Come read the rest, it's FREE and Sam wants you to know his story. Click here to get all the parts to this story on pdf.  

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Lindsay said...

Fantastic scene.