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Monday, May 28, 2012

Tuesday Tale - Prompt "Chase"

Thank you for stopping by. Chase is the prompt word today. Here is a snippet from my work-in-progress, "If You Loved Me."

“Now Meg, you know I was only joking…”
She whacked him with the pillow then fell into a laughing fit. Chaz snatched the other pillow off the bed and smacked her bottom with it. He laughed as she widened her eyes in indignation.
 “Bash me with a pillow will you?”
Chaz took off, running naked down the hall with Megan, also nude, chasing him. She threw her pillow at him as he entered the living room and it knocked him off balance. He fell to the floor. She jumped on him, straddling his hips and reached for the pillow. He grabbed her hand with one of his and pummeled her with the pillow in the other. Both of them were laughing so hard they could barely breathe. Megan leaned down and blew on his neck. When he dissolved in laughter, she seized the moment and reached for her pillow. He raised his to hit her again and she blocked it. He hugged her to him with one arm and bounced the pillow off her bottom. 
 She pushed up a few inches and as he was about to kiss her, they both heard a creak. Their two heads turned to face the front door in time to see an astonished Mark, her twin brother and Penny, his wife, standing in the doorway, drop their suitcases.
Megan screamed. Penny tugged Mark out into the hall and shut the door while Chaz and Meg beat a quick retreat to the bedroom. Meg shut her bedroom door and leaned against it. They heard the front door slam, indicating Penny and Mark were in the apartment.
“Oh my God,” Meg breathed.
Chaz covered his face with his hand.
“Shit! Mark is going to kill me.”
Meg nodded slowly, “you first, then me.”

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Sherry Gloag said...

Love the laughter and humour in this snippet, jean. Guess it was only a question of who was going to come into the room and find them. :-)

Karen said...

This is such a playful season. I love how much fun Chaz and Meg are having. Can't wait to next week to see who open the door on them.

Carolyn Gibbs said...

A great playful scene. Would like to see how it turns out.

Lindsay said...

Oh I was so waiting for them to get caught. This is getting better and better all the time

Tai Vicari said...

I enjoyed this snippet. I was smiling while I was reading it. I'm so wanting to know what Mark is going to say to his twin. AWKWARD!