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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tara Mason from Love, Lost & Found

Love, Lost & Found is the military romance I wrote with Ben Tanner. It's due to be released in September. I'm offering a little background each week on the heroine, Tara Mason, before the book appears. Find out a bit about who she is before you read her full story. Here is this week's installment.
The sound of her mom’s favorite song signaled Tara Mason to pick up her cell phone.
“Before you ask, yes, Ma, I’ve been to all the lectures and workshops. It’s four… I’m ready to bag it. Back to the hotel. These shoes are killing me! What? Yeah. I miss Paul. How are the wedding plans? I’ll call you tonight. Love you, too.” She clicked off and glanced at her watch.
Spying a wing chair in an empty ballroom, she sat down and toed her shoes off before retrieving her phone. Her fingers flipped through photos, searching for naughty pictures of parts of her body she took the night before in her hotel room. Tara selected the most revealing one then sent it to Paul. She chuckled realizing he’d get it during his afternoon wrap-up meeting.
Tara never used to do things like that, but Paul chipped away at her Victorian attitudes about sex. He loved to look at sexy pictures, so she sent it as a reminder of what he was missing. She opened a bottle of water while she sat back expecting a sexy text from Paul. She didn’t have long to wait. The message read:
Had a great time last night. Meet me at Gotham Arms at 7 to continue.
She suddenly felt lightheaded, felt the color drain from her face.This must be a mistake. She read it again.
The truth landed on her like an icy avalanche. Paul didn’t realize the picture of the body part she sent was from her. Her mind went numb, her hands started shaking so much, she nearly dropped her phone.
Tara calculated she’d be at The Gotham Arms back in New York City at seven as Paul instructed, if she left immediately. She gathered her things then rushed into a taxi.
You bet I’ll be there at seven, you bastard. Surprise!
 To be continued...


Kathleen Ball said...

Can't wait for this one!!!!

Lindsay said...

Got me hooked already

Tai Vicari said...

I got a feeling this a story I can sink my teeth into.

Iris B said...

Great cover, great post, great evertyhing ... can't wait to read this one!

An Open Book said...

Oohhh, so feisty! You know I love that in a woman!

Great cliff hanger too!