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Monday, August 20, 2012


A sample of my WIP, "The Dating List." While Colin is the main hero, we can't ignore Grey and Carrie. So here they are:
 Grey paced in front of the fireplace in his townhouse in Manhattan, then looked at his watch.
“Colin should have been back hours ago.”
“I’m sure he’s fine,” Carrie, his fiancée, said as she arranged some flowers in a vase. 
“What could happen to him? He’s with Leah.” Carrie slipped a slender lily into the vase.
“He could be in bed with her, that’s what could happen,” Grey snickered.
“Oh, stop.” Carrie gave him a soft punch in the arm.
“Look, just guessing here.”
“Isn’t he a little young for her? She’s thirty-four and he’s twenty-nine, right?”
“Maybe, but Colin has the Andrews charm. Women love him.”
“Oh? Andrews men wrote the book on charm?” Carrie cocked an eyebrow at him in mock anger.
“Won you over, didn’t I?” He moved closer to deliver a kiss.
“You certainly did.”
“Dammit, wish he were home.”
 Carrie put the last flowers in the vase and placed it on the counter.
“I love when you bring me flowers in the winter. They’re so damn cheerful. Reminds me what spring looks like.”
“You’re as beautiful as spring,” he said.
She gestured to him. He leaned over to accept her kiss, then folded his newspaper before picking up half a corned beef sandwich and taking a bite.
“You’re right. Artie’s does make the best corned beef,” he said when he was done chewing.
Grey sat on a stool at the counter next to Carrie while she cleaned up the cut stems and extra leaves. He leaned over, nibbling on her neck.
“After I finish this sandwich, I’m gonna take a bite out of you.”
She grinned at him.
“Is that a promise?”
“You bet, baby.”
He put his arm around her shoulders. She leaned into him, placing her lips on his. They lingered in a sweet kiss.
            “Why are you worried?
            “I hope Colin didn’t do something stupid…”
            “Like?” She wiped the counter with a sponge, then raised her gaze to his.
            “Like making a pass at Leah or something.”
            “He wouldn’t, would he?” Carrie raised her eyebrows.
            “Didn’t you see him stumble all over himself?”
            “Yeah, so he was a little impressed by her…”
            “Not impressed, hot for her. He practically had a boner.”
            Carrie laughed.
            “Come on. Leah is much older than he is and so much more sophisticated. She’s been dating big Wall Street guys…she’d never be interested…”
            “You know that, I know that but Colin doesn’t. He’s looking for a ‘woman’, not a girl and Leah fits the bill perfectly.”
            “She’ll let him down easy…she won’t break his heart.”
            “Unless he does something stupid.”
            “Like what?” Carrie asked.
            His lips rose in a mischievous grin.
            “Like this!”
            Grey picked her up in his arms and swooped up the stairs. He raced through the hall, into their bedroom, shutting the door with his foot before dropping her on the bed. Carrie laughed until she almost couldn’t breathe. He fell down next to her on the bed.


Tai Vicari said...

These men give me hope. I always feel so draw in as if I'm there when reading your work. Love that feeling.

Lindsay said...

Love the verbal playing between them especially the the sexual undertones which become overtones.
Now I'm hungry for a corned beef on seeded rye with mustard, a kosher dill spear as a side.

Carolyn Gibbs said...

Love the playful exchange between Carrie and Grey. Just a breezy scene. :)

Karen said...

I love the playful relationship between Carrie and Grey. This is such a fun story, a breath of fresh air. A down to earth romance.