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Thursday, August 16, 2012


 Welcome to Love's a Beach blog hop! Leave a comment and I, Adora Smutz, will select 3 winners to pick their choice of book to receive for free. THE WINNERS OF THEIR CHOICE OF MY BOOKS ARE: LAURA TROXEL, JESSICA B AND WANDA F. THANK YOU ALL FOR ENTERING
"Hi, I'm Adora Smutz, famous journalist in Jean's mind. Like my new bikini? I'm down here on the beach where Jean's characters from her books are sunbathing, swimming and trying to get a little nookie under the boardwalk.  I'm interviewing a few today, asking them one, simple question: Which other couple from Jean's books would you like to share a summer house with? 

Who's gonna be first. Let's see...hmm, hey you, yeah, you, Gavin Dailey from April's Kiss in the Moonlight. Put down your girlfriend and commere." *Gavin stops kissing April*. What couple would you most like to share a summer house with?
"Danny and Eliza from Now and Forever 2, the Book of Danny."
"I'd like to learn hand-to-hand combat from Danny."
"Doesn't have anything to do with that sexy Eliza does it?"
"Adora! April will hear you!" 
*Gavin runs back to April.*

"Danny, Danny Maine! Let Eliza alone and come over here!"
*Danny groans*
"What do you want, Adora?"
"Which couple would you most like to share a summer house with?"
"Is this a trick question?"
"It's me, Danny. Of course not." *bats her eyelashes at him.*
"Tunney and Kit."
"Why? Kit's bra size?"
"Adora! No. I'd like to learn some carpentry from Tunney."
"Yeah, right. Carpentry for 'mover of the year' like you. I almost believe that!" 
*Danny escapes to rejoin Eliza.*
 "Tunney! Tunney Nichols from The Renovated Heart!"
*Tunney removes his hand from Kit's behind and trots over*
"What is it, Adora?"
"What couple would you most like to share a summer house with?"
"Grey and Carrie from The Marriage List."
"Like to be in with another guy who's got a few bucks."
"Doesn't have anything to do with the fact that Carrie loves sex, does it?"
"Adora! Kit will hear you! Kit loves sex. Oh, crap. She's gonna kill me!" *Tunney slinks away.*
"One more."
"Mac! Get over here! Mac from Now and Forever 1, a Love Story!" *Mac puts down Callie and joins Adora.*
"So which couple would you most like to share a house with?"
"Jim and Sarah from The Renovated Heart."
"Sarah is Callie's sister...and Jim and I work..."
"So you want a threesome with Callie and her sister? Pretty kinky for a college dean!"
"Adora! I never said..."
"Didn't have to. Two hot sisters. Wow! Mac, you take the cake."
*Mac returns to an angry Callie standing with her hands on her hips.*
"Adora Smutz here. That's it for our interview. Remember to leave a comment and your email addy to be entered to win your choice of any of Jean's books or the Grand Prize - A NOOK SIMPLE TOUCH WITH GLOWLIGHT! Check out Jean's books on her website. Have fun in the sun and don't forget your sunblock!"