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Monday, August 13, 2012


Thanks for stopping by. My story snippet is from a WIP titled, Under the Midnight Moon. This will be the third sweet romance in the moonlight series. Release date has not been set yet.

Enveloped by the peaceful darkness around her, Mindy watched the midnight moonlight dance on the surface of the lake. She realized how vulnerable she  was, alone in the sparsely wooded area abutting the lake, when she heard a twig crack. Fear produced moisture on her palms as a large figure approached.
“Drew! What are you doing here?” A sigh of relief escaped her lips.
He stepped out of the shadow of a tall pine tree. The moonlight caught the gleam of gold in his blond hair. His eyes were shadowed but Mindy felt the heat of his stare.
“Came to see you. What else?”
“You’re not supposed to be here.” she stepped back.
“Why not? We can meet and…talk, can’t we?” He moved closer to her, his hand closing around hers.
“Only talk… can we?  If Angels, Inc. finds out…I’ll lose my grant.”
“Who’s going to tell?” He inched closer, slipping his arm around her waist.
“But it’s against the rules. If we get caught…”
Her words died in the air as his lips closed on hers starting a tide of emotion. She rested her palms against his chest, intending to push him away. Instead, she slid them up until they circled his neck. He pulled her to him, deepening the kiss. The air stood still.
Drew parted from her. One hand brushed through her dark hair while the other rested on her waist.
“Too many people are counting on me.” Mindy stepped back. “This is too risky.”
 “Meet me here every night, under the midnight moon,” he whispered.
“I want to be alone with you…even if only for a few minutes. Here, every day...after the show.”
She raised her lips to his, drifting into the bliss of another kiss.


Carolyn Gibbs said...

This drew me in right away, Jean. Interested to learn what Angels, Inc. is.

Kathleen Ball said...

hurry up with you wip- hooked me!!!

Karen said...

You peaked my curiosity. I'm wondering if Mindy is going to take a chance and meet him.

Lindsay said...

I'm hooked

Tai Vicari said...

There is no greater kiss than the secret kind. This will be a great story.

Sherry Gloag said...

Love the conflict you are building beyond the passion, here.

Davee said...

Yes, you piqued my curiousity about Angels, Inc, especially since this guy seems worth the risk!