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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


 A bit about the book:
 What do a Marine who received a “Dear John” letter and a journalist who dumped her cheating fiancé have in common? Nothing, outside of being heartbroken over lost love. But when they accidentally end up next to each other jetting to a Caribbean paradise, they do share one thing: mutual attraction. Friendship between Tara Mason and Sergeant Mick Peterson grows quickly through a few dates on St. Thomas. An argument coupled with a blunder strand them on a small deserted Caribbean island.

In the midst of nothing but sand and water, possible starvation leading to death, old wounds heal. While working together to survive, Mick and Tara fall in love. Love found in their own private Eden is soon challenged in life-threatening ways when they return to the mainland. Long separations, danger and loneliness test their devotion. Is the love they’ve found strong enough to withstand what life throws at them?    

Short Excerpt 
Tara is moved away from a harrassing man on the plane to St. Thomas. She ends up next to Sergeant Mick Peterson.
                                      *   *   *   *   *   *

“I’m Mick. Don’t worry about me, I’m going to sleep,” he said, before rolling on his side and closing his eyes.
Mick slept for fifteen minutes, but woke up again. Damn conditioning. I wanted to sleep. Now that he was awake he glanced at Tara, who was engrossed in her book, checking her out. Slim—not skinny, beautiful auburn hair…to her shoulders, perfect breasts, cute nose with a few freckles—pretty. As she turned the pages, he noticed the white mark on her finger from a ring, but no ring. Something she was reading must have struck her as funny because a grin lit up her face. Wow.
Tara glanced at him out of the corner of her eye then her gaze met his.
“Sorry, didn’t mean to stare. Can’t sleep. You’re…uh…well…um, really pretty. Please forgive me, don’t be scared, which—after what happened I’m sure you are. Go back to your book, I won’t bother you.” Color crept into his cheeks.

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