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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Meet Tara Mason - LOVE, LOST & FOUND - PART 3

Tara has confronted her fiance about his cheating and thrown his engagement ring in his face. She left the hotel in tears and jumped in a cab to go home:

In the taxi, Tara broke down and sobbed. The driver tossed a box of tissues in the back and shot  a sympathetic look at her in his rearview mirror

“He ain’t worth it, honey,” the driver said.
“You can say that again.” She plucked two tissues from the box and blew her nose.
She whipped out her cell phone, took a breath to steady her voice and dialed.
“Mom, stop the plans. The wedding is off. As of now, that’s when. I’m all right, Mom…I know you never liked him. Now I agree. I’m sorry about your deposit and…and…all this,” she said, tears streaming down her face.
“Don’t come, Mom. I need to be alone. Yeah. I know. Thanks, Mom. I love you, too.”
She hung up the phone and watched the big buildings pass by as the taxi took her up Park Avenue to 79th Street, where it made a left turn to ride through the park to the West Side. 
Music from the radio filled the car. Then she heard it…”Kokomo” by The Beach Boys. Key Largo…Montego Bay…beautiful, romantic beaches. Making love with Paul in the moonlight. Her heart was heavy with disappointment. The image of their honeymoon resort flashed in front of her eyes, luring her, mocking her. She’d lose an amazing, sexy two weeks there, along with everything else. It was almost too much to bear.

The song continued…the lyrics taunting her. She never wanted to get away from it all so much in her life. An idea leapt into her brain. The car pulled up in front of the brownstone where she lived. She paid the driver and flew up the stairs into her building. She turned on her computer, singing “Kokomo” as she stripped off her business clothes. Standing in her lacy bra and panties by the window watching the sun peek out from behind a dark cloud, she picked up her cell phone and called her boss.
“Remember the letter of resignation I gave you, Al? Can you rip it up? Seems I’m not going to work for Paul after all.”
“Don’t know if I can give your exact job back, Tara, but we’ll find something for you.”
“Hey, I’ll take city desk, if I have to.”
“You’ve always got a job here, sweetheart.”
“Thanks, Al,” she said, tearing up, “just one thing.”
“What’s that?”
“The honeymoon time you were giving me?”
“Cancel it?”
“Not exactly. I want to take it now, instead of three months from now.”
“I suppose you’ll explain all this to me when you get back.”
“How did you guess? What would I do without you?”
“Somebody has to take care of you…”
“Love you. See you in two weeks.”
She found “Kokomo” on her iTunes account and played it…putting it on repeat. She needed to keep hearing the words. Tara started to dance, shaking her hips and singing along. Sitting down at the computer, she logged in and located her honeymoon travel plans. An evil smile curled her lips. Paul left the arrangements to her but used his credit card. Hah! She exchanged the two plane tickets for one first class ticket and a luxury suite accommodation at the resort.
“Suck it, Paul, you owe me. Departure, tomorrow…” she said aloud to no one, as “Kokomo” continued to play on her computer.
After she clicked on “Save changes”, she got up and pulled out her suitcase.  Still singing, she examined the sexy “honeymoon” lingerie and nighties in her drawer. Light blue with lace, sheer pink, black…all selected to go perfectly with her auburn hair and green eyes. Screw it! She grabbed them all and put them in the suitcase.
You never know…

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