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Monday, September 3, 2012

Tuesday Tales - Word Prompt, "White"

Thanks for stopping by. Here's an excerpt of The Dating List, my contemporary romance work-in-progress, written to the word 
 prompt "white". (cover has not be finalized)
The man tightened his grip while he slapped his other hand over Leah's mouth. Fighting for breath she tried to move his hand which seemed glued over her mouth and nose.
            “Gimme you coat!” He demanded, his hoarse voice louder than before.
            She shook her head, pushing against his hand to no avail. She felt her pulse beat wildly in her neck. Fear wrapped an icy hand around her spine. He’s going to kill me. Give him the coat!
She began to nod vigorously but the man wouldn’t let go. He lifted her up so that her feet dangled off the ground. She tried to kick him, flailiing her legs back and forth but not connecting. 
             Hope was running out. She began to feel lightheaded from lack of air when she heard running feet. Oh, shit, he has an accomplice. Just as suddenly as he grabbed her, he let go. His hands tugged on the lapels of her ermine coat from behind as she gulped air into her lungs. Leah kicked back at him but he dodged her foot. He spun her around, pulling at her coat. When she threatened him with her small fist, he slapped her hard across the face, knocking her to the ground with a cry. Searing pain rocketed through her brain, paralyzing her for a moment. Her hand flew to her mouth where a warm liquid oozed onto her chin. She tasted blood from her lip. 
              Tears clouded her eyes but Leah brushed them away. She raised her hand in a defensive move as he lifted his in the air, to strike her again, when a man’s hand locked onto his wrist. The man behind him twisted her assailant’s arm until he cried out. Then the newcomer yanked the man’s arm back and shoved it up his back, causing him to scream in pain. His other arm closed around the man’s neck, subduing him with a choke hold.
            “Leah, call 911,” Colin said as he held the assailant still.
            Her hands shook as she took out her cell phone. Between the cold and her fear, Leah couldn’t command her fingers to dial. She started to cry in frustration.
            “Leah! Pull yourself together…just for a moment, sweetheart.” Colin’s voice was calm and steady. The man who attacked her gasped then whimpered.
            She took a big breath, feeling a shudder shake through her body before a moment of calm set in. She dialed the number, reported the assault giving the exact location. They waited five minutes in silence before they heard the sound of distant sirens drawing closer. Her body trembled out of control, whether from fear or the cold she couldn’t tell. Maybe both. A sense of relief washed through her as the black-and-whites pulled up, lights flashing. They drew their guns on Colin.


Palmaltas said...

Wow! That was intense! Loved it!

Lindsay said...

What an intense scene and so vivid. Interesting twist at the end

Karen said...

Totally intense scene. The cops drawing their guns on Colin, that just shook everything up. Loving this story.

Davee said...

Love this TT contribution this week Jean, very fast paced and descriptive.