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Monday, October 15, 2012


I have a bit of the beginning of a prequel to my first book in the Hollywood Hearts series. The first book is If I Loved You. It's scheduled to release in January. This work-in-progress prequel doesn't have a name yet. Would love your feedback. Please leave a comment.
 “I don’t care if you are Darvin Sweetwater, get your grubby paws off me!” The sound of a woman’s voice growing louder and louder grabbed Mark Davis’ attention as he left the locker room at Vegas Stadium heading toward the parking lot. He turned the corner and saw a pretty blonde woman struggling with his teammate. Mark rushed over to the chocolate brown Mercedes.

“Hey, Darv…come on, man. Let her go.”
The dark-haired, six-foot two inch, two hundred pound man kept his big hands clamped on the woman’s upper arms while he turned to look at Mark.
“Not your business, Davis. Get lost.”
“Get this animal off me!” She was held fast in his grip.
“This isn’t cool, Darv. Come on. Don’t make me take you out. Go on home.”
“She’s my date! All I asked for was a little blow job before dinner…and she refused. Who refuses Darvin Sweetwater?”
“I do, you big ass!” She kicked him in the shins.
“Bitch!” Sweetwater spat as he grabbed his shin, allowing the woman to slip through his grasp.
 The young woman scurried behind Mark while Darvin rubbed his leg.
“Find your own way back to L.A., bitch.”
With that he got in his car and slammed the door. After he roared out of the parking lot, Mark turned around to get a good look at Darvin’s date. 
 “I know you, you’re on TV!”
She nodded.
“I’m Mark Davis, second-string quarterback for the Nevada Gamblers.”  He held out his hand.
“I’m Penny Thatcher, second-string supporting cast member of Tales of the Big City.
The beautiful blonde shook his hand with a firm grip.
“Wow! I can’t believe I’m here with you. You’re the only reason I watch that crummy show. Oh…sorry,” he smiled through a blush.
“I don’t expect it to last another season.”
“Can I drive you somewhere? My car’s right over there.”
Mark pointed to a blue Honda Accord.
“I do need a lift to the airport.” She shot him a dubious look.
“Hop in. No funny stuff, I promise. How about a quick dinner first?”
“I’m starved. Fighting off bullies works up such an appetite.”


V.L. Locey said...

Good thing Mark showed up when he did. Very enjoyable snippet!

Davee said...

I love her spunk. Great TT

Lindsay said...

Love the beginning of this new one. She's one fiesty heroine

Cathy G. said...

Good opening with a feisty heroine and a wonderful hero!

Karen said...

I love Penny's spunk. Nice beginning to this story Jean.

J.P. Grider said...

I loved this scene - Mark's a good guy. I was kind of wishing HIS last name was Sweetwater - you could have titled your novel Sweetwater.
But I do love this scene.