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Saturday, October 13, 2012



Adora Smutz Interviews Tara Mason, heroine of Love Lost and Found by Jean Joachim and Ben Tanner.
Adora: Good morning, Tara. Come on in. Have a bagel or croissant.
Tara: Good morning, Adora. *crosses and recrosses legs*
Adora: I want to know all about that hunk, Mick. This is just us girls, so you can be totally honest with me. *leans in closer and whispers*, what’s he like in bed?
Tara: Just us girls? I thought this interview was going out over the Internet? That’s what Jean told me.
Adora: Well, it is…still, we all want to know…share the intimate details, will ya?
Tara: Didn’t you get enough of those in the book? I asked Jean not to be quite so explicit but she wouldn’t listen. She never does. Do you want me to take a picture of his private parts or something? Really, Adora!
Adora: A picture? If I post that, Facebook would close me down, but if you want to send me one, privately…
Tara: *blushes* That was a JOKE, Adora! Geez! Why don’t you ask me about how masterful he was during our survival?
Adora: Masterful? I didn’t know he was into bondage. Tell us more. Handcuffs on a deserted island? *wiggles her eyebrows*.
Tara: *blush deepens*, No, no, no. He’s not into bondage…not that there’s anything wrong with that. I mean how great he was at saving us…survival and all…you keep twisting my words!
Adora: Hey, you’re the one who used the word “masterful”, honey. Don’t put that on me. So come on, Tara, we all want to know…is Mick really as good a lover as he is portrayed in the book? *Adora inches closer*
Tara: Better. *lowers her thick lashes, drops her gaze to the floor.*
Adora: *squeaks* Better? He was smokin’ in that book. How could he be better?
Tara: That’s private.  
Adora: Jean said you’d be candid with me.
Tara: I am. He’s better. *zips her lip*.
Adora: Why don’t you send him over to my place for a night…so I can see for myself.
Tara: *bursts out laughing*, You have some sense of humor, Adora!
Adora: Who was kidding?
Tara: I never expected this…JEAN! JEAN! Where are you? Come out here! You lied to me. You said this interview would be fun. HAH! Some fun, she wants to steal Mick.
Adora: I never said “steal”, only “borrow”…okay that wraps up this interview. Please come back for my interview with Mick. It should be…interesting…maybe we'll do it in the buff...
Tara: Interview with Mick? Wait a minute.
Adora: This is Adora Smutz bringing you more “Love Talk” with Tara Mason. Please leave a comment. Jean bases my salary on the number of comments I get...I need to join a gym if Mick is next!
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Lindsay said...

Adora, you are SO bad.

Kathleen Ball said...

Adora if you happen to get that pic- could I have a copy?? I love Mick!

Kellie Kamryn said...

Hilarious and fun as always! Sounds like a great book :)

An Open Book said...

Adora always keeps you on your toes and guessing- lol

Jennifer Simpkins said...

I finally got to meet Adora! Can't wait for when she has her way with

V.L. Locey said...

Oh Adora,you`re such a pistol!

Sherry Gloag said...

Adroa, you get more outrageous with each interview. But you can still send me a copy of that pic when you get it :-)

Scarlet Pumpernickel said...

What a great interview! Now we all want to read about this hot guy. Way to go!