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Monday, October 1, 2012


Here's another sneak peek at my work in progress, The Dating List. I can't share too much as I don't want to give anything away. Dogs figure prominently in several of my books. Especially pugs. So here are Buster and Daisy from The Dating List. 
 Colin pulled into the driveway of the big Victorian house which started a cacophony of barking from inside. By the time they started up the walk, they were assault by Buster and Daisy, the Andrews’ family pugs, jumping up to plant wet kisses on unsuspecting faces. Leah laughed as Buster leapt up to lick her face. Colin tried to pull him down but the persistent pug made another attempt and connected.
            “I’m sorry. I forgot to warn you about the dogs.”
            “They’re adorable!”  Leah laughed as she wiped her cheek with her hand. The dogs ran to the front door then back to Colin and Leah. 
      When front door opened, Leah caught her first glimpse of Colin’s parents. Mary, an attractive brunette, wearing an apron had her arms wrapped around her torso. John, tall with thick silver hair, wore a dark plaid flannel shirt held an unlit pipe in one hand and the doorknob in the other.
            Mary engulfed her son in a quick hug while her husband motioned them inside. Colin took Leah’s hand and led her into the warm entryway. After introductions were made, John took coats then ushered the lovers to the blazing fire.


Cathy G. said...

Very cozy set up. Although I prefer Labs, I adore pugs too. Sounds very romantic.

V.L. Locey said...

The greeting committee sounds like my house. We have 2 labs and a beagle and the noise is deafening. Lovely interlude!

S.H. Roddey said...

Very sweet! I love pugs! Used to have one, and I miss the drooling ball of silliness every day. :)

Christina Cole said...

Why did I know your story would include pugs? LOL. Nice job, as always.

Karen said...

I love how you described Colin's mom and dad in two sentences painting a vivid picture.

Lindsay said...

You know you're i a loving house when you gt met by happy dogs

Iris B said...

I love the scene. I always love stories when parents are involved.

Tai Vicari said...

I love your writing because I can totally identify with your characters. Love the pugs. How can you not love being greeted by such adorable beings. LOVE DOGS!

Sherry Gloag said...

Didn't realise Pugs were boisterous, you paint a lovely picture of many moods.