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Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Release! IF I LOVED YOU...A few snippets

Here are a few, choice snippets from my new release, IF I LOVED YOU, the first in the new Hollywood Hearts series.

Brielle strolled into Meg’s office. “Did you sleep with him?” Brielle lounged against the doorjamb.
“Strictly business. He liked my investment plan.”
“Yeah? I’ll bet that’s not all he liked.” Brielle stared at the neckline of Megan’s silk top, causing heat to rise in Meg’s cheeks.
Eyes the color of melted dark chocolate captured her gaze as she raised her eyes to his. She froze for a few seconds, like a deer in headlights.

Mark! Shit! Mark! Meg’s hands went cold, the color drained from her face, and a shiver ran up her spine. If Chaz tells anyone... “I never should have told you…he’ll kill me if this comes out."

A bit about the book

Does love always mean total truth? Successfully shunning the limelight, Megan Davis kept her family secret safe. Disrespectful of tabloid superstars, Meg was shocked when selected to launch a celebrity division in her investment firm. Gorgeous, magnetic movie star, Chaz Duncan valued privacy above all else. Drawn to Megan for more than financial advice, will he share a secret or continue his high profile but lonely existence? Jealousy, deceit and scandal threaten two careers and the quest for true love and trust in this roller-coaster-ride contemporary romance.     
To read a longer excerpt or buy the book, CLICK HERE.



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