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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


IF I LOVED YOU is now available on Amazon, All Romance eBooks and Bookstrand, soon on Barnes & Noble, too. Here are four snippets to whet your appetite:

The rapid clicking of cameras and popping of flashes was enough to blind Megan. Her mouth hung open, and she looked around for a place to run.

His mouth came down hard on hers, his hands pulling her hips up against his. Desire blazed a path to her belly. Instinctively, she ground her hips against his. Her fingers detected the increased pace of his breathing. 

 Grady barked, and Meg stiffened when she spied a figure moving in the shadows. She stopped dead in the middle of the path. Uh oh. Time to get the hell out of here. Before she could flee, a man stepped out of the shadows. (Background shot for the book cover.)
“Harley has always wanted to sleep with me. Harley wants to sleep with anything wearing a skirt…except maybe a Scotsman.” Meg laughed and looked up into his eyes.
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    Starting the new year is like opening a fresh notebook, all the pages are blank, waiting for you to fill them with thoughts, ideas, plots and characters. I love the start of a new year. I haven't had time to screw anything up yet. I look with anticipation toward the winding road of creativity ahead, wondering where the stories I plan to write will take me.

I love that long, open road, ready for anything. It's clear, clean and uncluttered, inviting me to travel along weaving a new story on the way. I hope you face the new year with positive anticipation, looking for this year to rock your world in a good way. And I hope it does. I'm feeling the tautness of a new self-discipline and a renewed sense of vigor. Wishing this year is your best year yet. Please share your new year's thoughts. Leave a comment.


An Open Book said...

I always carry a notebook and pen with me in my bag, wherever I go. My only problem? I don't implement the use of that notebook/pen... I get ideas, say WOW! then never write it down. Then try to remember the GREAT idea later... doesn't work

Palmaltas said...

I need to finish two old WIPs so I can go on to new projects. I hope this year will "rock my world in a good way" since last year had too much tragedy, both personal and national. I'm looking forward to new writing horizons.