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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Come enjoy some pictures to ward off the winter blues and read a few fun snippets from the second in this series series:
Unfortunately, when his lovely bed partners discovered he planned to fight in the Middle East, they dropped him. Overseas, he got to know only prostitutes, a group of desperate women doing whatever they needed to for survival. He turned to alcohol and women to deal with the pressure, to dull his senses and escape the horror of reality.

 “What are you teaching?” she asked.
“Freshman English,” he said. “You’re the dean?”
“I split the undergraduate students with Mac Caldwell. My field is biology,” she said, stealing an admiring glance at his chest and shoulders.
Danny thought he would like to study a little biology with her as his gaze traveled over the
length of her...again.

The floodgates on her pent up feelings opened. His hand cradled
her breast. When his fingers closed around it and squeezed gently, she felt a sexual charge flash through her body like lightning.
“I’ll stop whenever you want to,” he whispered in her ear, but Eliza knew she couldn’t stop...didn’t want to.

Danny pushed her down on the bed, kissing her hungrily, before his mouth traveled from her moist lips to her neck and to her breast. His hand moved slowly down over the softness of her belly, then lower.

Together they finished the bottle.
“There was a young girl from France…” Danny said.
“I know that one!” Mac said, picking his head up.
“You do? Good, because I can’t remember the rest.” Danny ran his hand over the stubble on
his jaw.
“Uh, something about ‘pants’ or ‘no pants’…I can’t remember.”
“If she was hot the next line must be ‘no pants’.”

Eliza took Danny’s free hand and they walked out of the hospital so she could take him
home. They arrived to the urgent greetings of Rocky and Blue. She helped him out of his blood soaked robe, and then washed the blood off his chest and back.

A bit about the book - "Danny" is a free-standing book. You don't have to have read the first one to enjoy it. 
Can the newest professor at Kensington State escape his previous life as a killer? Leaving the Army didn't mean the war left him so Capt. Danny Maine, now teaching English, must find a way to lead a normal life. Finding love and rekindling an old friendship are not enough to defeat old demons. Danny Maine fights to free himself from war memories and dangerous men, hoping that a new love and a new Glock will bring him peace. Now and Forever 2, the Book of Danny is a heartfelt story of love, loss and ultimate triumph that will touch your heart.


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Tabitha Shay said...

Love the spring flowers....great excerpt, Jean....Best of luck to you...Tabs