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Monday, January 7, 2013


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. This story is evolving to be published next holiday season as a New York Nights novel. I hope you like this snippet. Please let me know what you think in a comment. 
Giselle squatted down to be on eye-level with little Bobby.  She looked into a pair of young, gray eyes just like his father’s. His hair was almost as black, too. She recognized Will Benson’s son almost the minute he walked into the shop.
 “That’s right, Bobby, you can take anything here you want as a Christmas gift for your mom or dad.”

“I don’t have a mom,” the little boy replied, looking around at all the merchandise.

Giselle was stunned into silence.
“Can I take something for Grandma, Grandpa and Daddy?”
“Of course,” she said, finding her voice. “Do you want to look around or should I help you?”
“I want to look.” He set off down the aisle to the back of the store.
“Call me when you find something,” she called after him. No mother? Will was married. What happened?  She returned to the stool by the cash register, wondering about Will Benson’s wife. Her pulse kicked up. Will’s single? Can’t be. A seed of hope was planted in her guts. Leaving Will behind five years earlier when she left for an exciting job had been hard to do. She had hoped he’d wait for her but he hadn’t. He’d married and fathered a child. When her mother told her, she had cried every day for weeks and weeks. Do I get a second chance?

The tinkling of the bell when the front door opened and a gust of frigid air sweeping through the small store stole her attention. Will Benson stood, filling the doorway. A smile played with her lips as her gaze settled on his handsome face. The expression in his eyes was colder than the air outside, freezing the air around him. The chill reached Giselle and made her shiver. Nope. No second chance there.
“Hi, Will.” She raised a hand.
“Where’s my son?” Frozen words fell from his lips and broke into tiny pieces on the floor. 


V.L. Locey said...

I sense some tension in the air. Well written!

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Karen said...

And you're going to make us wait until next Christmas to read the outcome? Seriously, I loved the opening.

SherryGLoag said...

Love your word choices and the rising tension. :-)

Lindsay said...

Starts off sweet and ends cold. I hope she can warm him up

Cathy G. said...

Wow! Very powerful scene and heart wrenching. Look forward to finding out what develops.

Iris B said...

I like most stories with kids, so I obviously liked this one too. Great ending when he stepped in. Wonder what happens next.

Davee said...

I like this entry, it placed me inside Giselle's mind. I'm curious how everything will turn out. She did leave Will behind, so, how can she expect he would be so willing to rekindle?