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Monday, January 28, 2013


Welcome! Thanks for visiting today. This story is be part of a Christmas 2013 book called, FINDING LOVE IN SANTA'S THRIFT SHOP:
She knew that being in the same small town with Will Benson wasn’t going to be easy. He had moved on but had she? The mask of anger his face became when she was around made her sad. His cold rejection of even polite conversation with her hurt deeply. Where’s the Will I knew and loved?   
 His obvious dislike of her hardened her resolve to sell the little house she had bought and go back to New York City.

Gotta change the sign while it's still light out.She dragged the heavy wooden sign, Santa's Thrift Shop, outside then the step ladder. There were two big hooks on the building and two heavy duty loops on the sign. She tried to lift it and felt a pull. Shit! Her hand instinctively went to rub her back.The sound of a car door slamming caught her attention.

“Gimme that,” Will said, grabbing the sign.  

“I can do it.”

“No you can’t.” He shoved her away gently. The touch of his gloved hand on her arm made her tingle. I haven’t moved on. She bumped up against him for a moment and his arm went around her waist to steady her. For a second she closed her eyes and imagined this was a real embrace. A smile stole across her face.

When she opened her eyes, Will stood staring at her, the angry mask melted away. A small smile played at the corners of his mouth. She recognized the man who had once loved her. Neither spoke or moved.

Nervously, Giselle ran her tongue over her bottom lip drawing his gaze to her mouth. A hungry look flashed in his eyes, but was quickly replaced by the return of the angry mask. He dropped his hand as if she were on fire.

“People are counting on this,” he mumbled as he lifted the sign easily then stepped up on the ladder. She moved toward the ladder, but backed away when he barked, “I don’t need your help.”

Will hooked the sign on the proper hooks and came down the ladder.

“Thank you,” she said, awkwardly offering her hand.

“I didn’t do it for you. Did it for the kids.” Ignoring her hand, he turned and was off before she could answer. 
 Pain welled up in her chest. Tears stung her eyes until they blinded her. There was no place to run, no strong shoulder to lean on or lap to hide in. With her back up against the door, she slid down to the floor, her head in her hands and sobbed.

Snippets from my two new books: IF I LOVED YOU (spicy contemporary)
“You’re having dinner with him? Oh my God. I’m stuck in Delaware while you’re going out with Chaz Duncan!” Her sister-in-law, Penny, moaned on the other end of the phone Thursday night.
Mark grabbed the phone. “No hanky-panky with Dunc, Meg.”
“It’s business, Mark.”
“Yeah, right, business…” he snickered.

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Sarah said...

Oh, I like this. When the walls we build slip and our true feelings show through - it's always a deep moment. Even when it returns.

Karen said...

I'm loving this story. I like the way she feels the tingle when his gloved hand touches her. That is strong, try emotions. I can't wait to read more.

triciaandersen said...

I can't wait to read this book - I love these characters. The electricity between them even though he's mad...sigh!

Tai Vicari said...

You have drawn me in. This scene was so intense and I can't wait to read more.

Iris B said...

I like it that she realises she hasn't moved on. Most of the times that's half the battle. The last couple of lines are very emotional. Cant wait for more.

Lindsay said...

Loving the story. Looks like someone might be melting a little.

Sherry Gloag said...

Very intense emotions that drew me right in. :-)

An Open Book said...

Oh yes, you can feel the sensation and sparks. And no, he has NOT moved on.

Nice scene revealing 'raw' emotions without the h/h realizes it, yet