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Monday, November 11, 2013


Last week, we found Mark Davis mooning over Penny Thatcher. This week, Mark is on a double date with her and his arrogant teammate, Darvin Sweetwater, star quarterback. Sweetwater has already propositioned Penny and scared the living daylights out of her. He drops cab fare on the table at the restaurant and leaves with Mark's date, Tiffany.

“Here’s for your cab. You’re one hot chick.” Darvin and Tiffany stood up together. “I’ll see you on the field, Davis. Better watch your back…bro.” Sweetwater laughed as he and Tiffany left the restaurant.
Penny twirled the twenty dollar bill in her hand. Her gaze dropped to her hands then up to her water glass. She folded, unfolded and refolded the bill.Oh my God. She’s afraid of me.  
“Hey, look. Do whatever makes you comfortable,” Mark said, resting his hand on hers lightly for only a moment.She jumped, fear evident in her eyes. 
“I’m not going to hurt you, try to take advantage of you…anything. I’m a regular guy. I’ve got a sister. I like women, respect ‘em.”Penny continued to twist the twenty in her hands. “I’d better go.” “If that’s what you want. But I’m going to have another cup of coffee and I was considering dessert.”Penny turned frightened eyes on him as she began to stand up.She looks like a deer caught in the headlights. Make her feel safe, you idiot! 
“No, no, real dessert. I hear they have great hot fudge here. How about splitting a hot fudge sundae with me? Three scoops – all your choice. Or you can catch a taxi if that makes you feel safer.” 
Penny sat down and blew out a breath. “I love hot fudge. How did you know?”“Everybody loves hot fudge, especially me.” He smiled at her and signaled to the waitress who came over right away. She rattled off six flavors of ice cream.
 “You choose,” Mark said, gesturing to her with his hand.“I like ‘em all.”“Hmm, let’s see. Mint chip for sure, vanilla and how about coffee?” She turned to look at Mark. 
“Sounds good. Whipped cream and two cherries, please.”


V.L. Locey said...

A sexy athlete and a hot fudge sundae? What woman wouldn`t stay?!

Great stuff as always, Jean.

SherryGLoag said...

Here I am trying to keep to healthy food choices and you go an put up a photo like that!
Your offering was pretty tasty, too.

Lindsay said...

Great scene and love how he got her to relax

Sarah Cass said...

Good for him! Sheesh, his teammate is an arrogant bastard...but I'm glad she didn't run!!

Anonymous said...

I think there's some sparks in their future, if he can keep her from bolting. Which it looks like he had just the right trick. Great scene!

Iris B said...

What did I miss? Why is she afraid of him?
But I love the scene ... Hot fudge .... yummy :-)

Jillian said...

yum!! Sounds like a delightful idea. Hot guy, cold ice cream.