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Monday, March 17, 2014


Welcome! Time for Tuesday Tales again. One more excerpt from my WIP, The Scent of Love. Thank you for stopping by.
 Jory hesitated on the steps of Jonas Hospital. Her hands were sweating. She wiped them on her jeans and took a deep breath. She replenished her lipstick and dabbed a few drops of Magic of Love on her cleavage and behind her ears before entering the building.

 The man at the information booth directed her to the special wing where patients who were awaiting surgery were housed. She hesitated at the entrance to Bryce’s room. Standing in the doorway, she spied him, sitting up in bed. She gasped. He’s blind!  His eyes were bandaged, his left arm was in a sling and his foot and ankle were in a cast. Her heart leapt up. He won’t know I’m not Julie.

“Julie? Julie?” He sat up straighter, turned to face the door. Jory’s pulse kicked into high gear.

“I know you’re there. Stop playin’ with me. I smell your perfume. You put it on your letters. I’d recognize it anywhere.”
Jory had handed her letters to her aunt to mail. Shit! Aunt Rita! You put that perfume on my letters and never told me?

“Aren’t you going to come in?”

Don’t do it. Don’t, you’ll be sorry. But Bryce looked so handsome, even with his bandages. Her heart swelled. She wanted to touch his face, to hold him, kiss him. A nurse stopped and gave her a little nudge. “He won’t bite,” she whispered.
 “I’ve waited so long to meet you,” he said.

It was as if he had cast a spell on her. She walked over to the bed. He reached out. She took his hand and he pulled her closer.   
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This is the last installment in this story. The rest will be saved for a book. I'll post when the book is written and ready to be published. Thank you so much for stopping by. If you like this story, please leave a comment. Or if you don't!


Sarah Cass said...

Oooh, they finally meet. But, she can't masquerade forever. How will she pull this off? Argh, you do love to torture me.

Iris B said...

Whaaaaat? You can't stop here!
Another great story. Can't wait to read what you have in store for these two.

SherryGLoag said...

There's going to be payback in the shape of heartbreak for this decision.

S.E said...

Perfume on the letters, nice. The aunt set her up. I can see the emotional storm coming when she reveals who she is.

libraryfaery said...

I'm intrigued for sure!

Davee said...

what a tangled, yet provocative weave. great new book you have going Jean

Lindsay said...

Woohoo they meet but then you leave us hanging until the book is out. No far.

V.L. Locey said...

Oh no, don`t stop here. Just a wee bit more? Please? *makes puppy eyes*

Jillian said...

Love it. Can't wait to read more when the book is done!

writerszenblog said...

And you're going to make us wait for more?? Sob, sob.
Nice touch, dabbing the perfume -specific detail with a name. Great!
Trisha Faye