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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Whitfield Bass's Most Embarrassing Moment

A quick look in my newest book, SEDUCING HIS HEART, reveals a moment Whit Bass would like to forget:
Bess peeked through the peephole. Whit. She opened the door.

He stood in all his masculine glory wearing nothing but a fluffy, white terrycloth robe. He was barefoot as well. “This is most embarrassing. I took a shower and remembered I’d left my newspaper on the mat. Like an idiot, I have all my windows open, and when I came out, the wind blew the door shut. Now, I’m locked out. I was wondering if you could go down and get my key from the doorman. I can’t go down like this.” 
Despite her life being in the toilet, Bess laughed aloud. The more she did, the brighter red he blushed. 
“This isn’t funny.” 
“Oh, but it is. It’s hilarious.” She tugged on his sleeve. “Come inside. Don’t stand there like that.” He stepped in, and she closed the door, still chuckling. “Are you wearing anything under there?” she asked. 
“What do you think?” He arched an eyebrow. “Last time I saw you, you were practically comatose.” 
“Thank you for cheering me up. I’m having some hazelnut cocoa, would you like to join me?” 
“I have a date. Where’s my phone? Shit! It’s in the apartment.” That caused Bess to launch into a new round of laughter. Her sides hurt, so she gripped them and continued to guffaw. 
“It’s not that funny. Honestly. I’m going to get dumped for this.” 
As soon as he uttered the words, her laughter turned to tears. Pain shot through her, and water ran down her cheeks. 

A bit about the book 

Anyone would be a marriage-phobe, too, if they grew up in Whitfield Bass's house. After he was born, his mother deserted the family. Their father, a journalist, traveled extensively and left his four sons with relatives, or babysitters. Whit's closest brother hated him and blamed him for their mother's desertion. Whit told Bess he'd never marry, never trust a woman not to take off and leave him with a house full of broken children who couldn't be fixed. Can you blame him?
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