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Monday, March 24, 2014


Welcome! Thank you for coming. Pressure came to bear, so I've posted another scene from this WIP. Here are my 300 words from my WIP:
The Scent of Love

Jory practically ran up the steps and banged open the door. 
“Aunt Rita?” She shouted.
“Up here.”
Jory smoked up the stairs to the attic. Her aunt stood in old clothes, her hair wrapped in a kerchief.
“Whadda ya think? Should we keep this old mirror? She bent down to dust the treasure. “Your Uncle Walt bought this for me in Turkey.”
“You put my perfume on my letters to Bryce.” Jory’s voice was barely controlled.
“So?” Her aunt knitted her brows and stared at the mirror.
How could you do that? Bryce knew it was me, even though he couldn’t see. ” Jory placed her hand on her hips.
Rita let out a breath, turned slowly and threw a sharp look at her niece.
“Because enough is enough. You’ve got to stop hiding from life. I wanted Bryce to know it was you, not Jules, who wrote those letters.”
“Why? Who cares that I wrote them?”
Rita stepped closer, pulling Jory into a hug. “You deserve to be happy. I wanted you to have what you wanted…for a  change.
Instead of always putting Jules and everyone else first.”
Emotion formed a lump in Jory’s chest. 
 “It’s your time, dear. Your time. Not Jules, not mine –yours. Grab the brass ring, go get Bryce.”
Speechless, Jory clung to her aunt or a moment longer.
“That’s what you say. But what about him? What if he prefers Jules to me?” Jory shifted her weight 
“Then he’s not the man I think he is. Or you think his.”
 “I’m scared, Rita,” Jory whispered. 
“I know, sweetie. Make a play for him, woo him, cast your spell on him. He’s probably half in love with you already.”
“Think so?”
“Who wouldn’t be?”
“Who wouldn’t be what?” Juliet asked as she climbed the stairs.


Lindsay said...

Love the emotion. So glad you're giving us a little more of the story.

Iris B said...

Beautiful. Love her aunt ... the cupid! Can't wait to read the whole story.

morgan said...

What a great matchmaking aunt! Lovely portrayal with only a few phrases.

V.L. Locey said...

What a great aunt! Great scene that was just packed with emotion.

Sarah Cass said...

How wonderful!! I'm loving the aunt!! I'm also worried about Jules' reaction...but I really hope Jory goes for it. She does deserve the happiness!

kathleen ball said...

such a sweet encouraging Aunt

SherryGLoag said...

Thanks for this extra snippet. Very emotional.

Jillian said...

Loving the aunt as well as the scene's emotion. Love the mirror in the attic.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You packed a lot into these 300 words. Lots of emotions and terrific character development. Loved it!

S.E said...

Well done, love the aunts attitude.