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Friday, May 29, 2015


Sometimes a story or a character will hit me hard. Gunther Quill, bad boy villain in two of my Hollywood Hearts books, did just that. He landed in my head and refused to go away until I told his story. And what a story it was! 

I put aside the last book in the series and wrote Gunther's story. My biggest challenge? Turn a bad guy into a hero. From what I'm seeing of the reviews, I was a success. Let me share a few readers' comments with you.  

Amy: "Why are 5 starts all I can 
give? Damn Jean, you have 
done it again!! I don’t know what 
I was thinking when I started 
this during my morning break at 
work. I thought I’d read just 
chapter or so until I could get 
home and really dig in 
because it’s month end and I’m in 
accounting. Yep, you 
guessed it… I didn’t get anything 
done because I COULD 
NOT put this down. Guess that just means I will have to 
work twice as hard tomorrow lol.
Oh, I hated Gunther in Movie Lovers, felt for him in Love’s 
Last Chance, but fell IN LOVE with him in Lovers and Liars. "

Sassy Beta Reading & Review: "Jean has done the near 
impossible.....she made me care for Gunther....even more 
than that, she made me CRY for Gunter...and I don't mean a 
few lil tears, I mean heart breaking sobs! I have never liked 
Gunther, thought he was a pervy, self centered, butt head, 
but what did Jean do....yep..she made him into a hero! We 
get more back ground on what makes Gunther tick (but had a few hints in previous books) but it wasn't enough to change 
my mind at the time. But now, well I am gob smacked, 
flabbergasted, flummoxed, befuddled and feel bamboozled! I 
LOVE IT!! Great Job have done the unthinkable, 
the unobtainable, the unbelievable...made me care for 

Sara: "In the previous 2 books, Gunther was someone that I 
definitely didn't like, so I wasn't sure how I would feel about 
his story. Jean had me falling in love with him before the 
first chapter was over! Erica and Gunther are both very well 
written and have so many facets to them. Gunther is so much 
more than he comes off as in his appearance in the other 

SIK Reviews: "Never judge someone without really get to 
know them. There is always something beneath the surface 
that makes that person the way they are. You just have to 
find it. I think even though I never could like Gunther before 
this book, I love him now. I think he is one of my favorites of 
the series."

Judi: "I didn't believe that I would like this book because 
Gunther was not my favorite character but I changed my 
mind. This is a must read. I read it in less than 24 hours it's 
that good."

15 five-star reviews out of 15 reviews on Amazon. Are you curious? Want to know what makes Gunther Quill tick and become so irresistible to readers? Found out here:

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