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Thursday, May 28, 2015


Welcome! Who are Griff Montgomery and Lauren Farraday? Here's a little insight into the hero and heroine who rule Griff Montgomery, Quarterback, the first book in the First & Ten series.


   His journey from the tiny town of Adams, Indiana to national fame as a top quarterback, playing for the Connecticut Kings, had been one of hard work and dedication to the game of football. He became a family man when he moved in with his widowed sister to help her raise her two kids.
     Totally focused on his career and being a stand-in dad, Griff worked hard. He believed that allowed him to play hard, too, at least when it came to women. A natural athlete, handsome and sexy, he’d been called a man-whore with a girl in every road-trip city. But once his family left for the West Coast, his compartmentalized existence fell apart.

      Putting his life back together meant committing 
to a woman, marriage and kids. But could a “player” 
become a man-whore no more? He wouldn’t put 
money on a new beginning happening with a woman 
who had sworn off marriage for good. But there she 
was, beautiful and hiding something. He couldn’t 
ignore her, no matter how hard he tried.

   Reeling from a personal tragedy and a recent divorce, Lauren wanted peace above all else. Tending to her ailing father, and trying to make a   living as a freelance decorator didn’t leave time or energy for men. Love had kicked her in the teeth, so she wanted no part of it. Not now. Not ever.
    Forced, by the court, to let seductive Griff 
Montgomery into her life, she built a wall around 
her heart. No way was she going to trust the man 
with a girl in every port. Despite their chemistry, 
she tried to keep the quarterback at arm’s length.  
Fearing heartbreak, she hid her secret. How could 
she expect him to abandon his relationship deal-
breaker for a woman like her? 

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