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Saturday, June 20, 2015


Come look inside, read a few snippets from Coach's book and I think you'll want to read more.

* * * * 

He wiped his palm on his shorts, which weren’t necessarily clean to begin with, and blushed when he remembered. Her grasp was firm, confident, just right, and the skin on the back of her tiny hand was soft under his calloused fingertips. He tried not to crush it, but forgot to let go.
“Lyle tells me the team calls you Coach Bass? Can I call you that too?”
His throat closed up, and his heartbeat doubled. He nodded.
She laughed again and gently slipped her hand from his. “What can I do for you?”
All he could do was stare. His mind went blank. Christ, I’m forty-two years old, not thirteen. Talk. Say something. What the hell am I doing here anyway? Shit. I don’t remember.
The silence grew as he rummaged through his brain for the reason he was there.

* * * *  

“Well, Coach, did you tell Parker where he could stick it?” Bullhorn Brodsky asked.
“Parker is not a he, but a she. And no, I didn’t. Why don’t you guys open your minds a little? This is going to be a pioneering program. We’re going to be the first in the NFL to give our players some help dealing with anger.”
“Program? I thought it was one fucking seminar. An hour and that’s it,” Griff Montgomery said.
“Keep an open mind, Griff. I’m going to be helping the lady put this together. At least give the thing a try, will ya?”
The men snickered. “So, Parker is a woman, eh? Bet she’s hot too. Isn’t she, Coach?” Trunk Mahoney teased.
Pete frowned. The last thing he needed was ribbing about Jo Parker from the guys. He sensed heat creeping into his face. “She’s smart. And she’s not giving up. That’s all you need to know.” Pete snatched his gear off the bench and headed for the door. Retreating like a fucking coward. Sebastian, what’s happening to you? Manipulated by a pretty face and embarrassed by your men. He shook his head as he climbed the stairs and turned down the corridor leading to the conference room. His heartbeat quickened. He straightened his tie for the third time, took a deep breath, and entered the room.

* * * *  

He picked up speed, breathing hard, pushing his body. She was in his blood, and no amount of running would get her out. He was infected with her, like a virus that would have to play through all the way. No antidote, no cure, existed. Falling for Jo Parker put him in limbo, sailing on uncharted seas, giddy, excited, scared silly, but, like a roller coaster, he was forced to ride it through to the end.
Pete returned home at eleven, showered, and slid into bed. Sleep came quickly, bringing luscious dreams of lovely Jo. He awoke refreshed, having spent the night making love to her in his dreams.

Want more? Find the book here.

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