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Monday, June 15, 2015


This week is picture prompt week. Maggie's story continues. Read on:

Maggie loved Anne Roberts and her husband, but when they took two weeks in the Caribbean in the winter, they made her dream come true. Now Maggie and John became Penn’s substitute parents.
They rose early to play with the youngster before school. The seven-year-old  giggled with glee as he ran from room to room, searching for John in the massive apartment. Maggie fixed his favorite pancakes and took extra care packing his lunch. While the three ate breakfast,  John quizzed the bright boy on addition and subtraction. Maggie taught him a new vocabulary word every day at supper.
The took turns reading him a bedtime story, but both tucked him in. And if he had a nightmare, he climbed into bed with them. Penn was a charming child, quick to smile, affectionate and curious.
When he was safely bedded down, the couple sat in front of the fire, sipping fine wine, gifted to them by their employer.
“I’ve been pinching myself all day,” Maggie said snuggling down with John on the massive sofa. A distant cry grabbed her attention. They both went to check on Penn. His face was flushed, he was crying softly in his sleep. Maggie felt his head. He was burning up.
“Call the doctor, John. Our boy is sick.”
“Mommy,” the boy wailed.
“I’m here,” she whispered.
“I want Mommy. Not you.”
The pain felt like the little boy had thrust a spear into her chest. She choked back tears.
“I’m sorry, Penn. She’s not here. She’s away, son.”
His red-rimmed eyes pleaded with her.
“It’s all right. John’s fetching the doctor. I won’t leave you.”
She kicked off her shoes and slipped into bed next to the lad. He cuddled up to her, resting his head on her chest while she stroked his hair

* * * * * * * *

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