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Friday, November 20, 2015


Meet the Kings' sexy offensive lineman, Sly "Bullhorn" Brodsky, known as "Bull' to his friends. Leave a comment and your email address & be eligible to win an a $10 Amazon Gift Card. Drawing will be held on Sunday night.

Here's his 20 questions quiz:
   Chocolate or vanilla? 
Strawberry. I like to be different

.   Airplane or train?
Airplane. I hate to waste time.

.   Walking or driving?  

.   Red or Blue?  
Green. I like to be different, remember?

.   Country or Rock?

 Dog or cat?
Dogs. Big ones. Retrievers

.   Lemonade or Iced Tea?  
Girl stuff.  Beer or Scotch.

   Vodka or Whiskey?
Vodka. Straight.

.   Mounds or Almond Joy? 
Whose mounds? Samantha’s? All right!

   Action movies or Thrillers? 
Action all the way.

  Men – brunette or blond?
Neither. I don’t swing that way.

  Women – brunette, blonde or redhead? 
Brunette, like Sam.

  Steak or lobster?  
Both. Bring it on, I’m hungry!

  French fries or Salad? 
Is this a trick question? Fries, of course.

  Pistachios or Peanuts?  
Mcadamias. Different, remember?

   Beer or Wine? 
Beer. On tap.

   Beach or Mountains? 
Beach. Love to swim.

  Oatmeal or scrambled eggs? 
Eggs. Oatmeal? Mushy. Ugh.

   Sausage or Bacon? 
Both, with those scrambled eggs.

   Pretty or Witty? 
Smart & pretty, like Samantha. Sexy, too.

 A bit about the book:
­Sly “Bullhorn” Brodsky wished winning the heart of Samantha Drake was as easy as protecting his quarterback.

 A top offensive lineman in the NFL, Bull tried to live down his rep as a womanizer. Locker room chatter had elevated him to the level of “player” in more than football. But Samantha Drake, dark-haired, stunning sister of a teammate, didn’t want to have anything to do with him. Or did she?
On his best behavior, Bull pulled out all the stops to woo the reluctant beauty. He was making progress until a woman from his past reappeared. Tiffany, the one woman who broke his heart, is in trouble. Is Bull the only man who can help?
Samantha is overcoming her doubts about Bull until Tiffany arrives. Is the blonde really in hot water or does she just want another chance with the man she discarded?
Enjoy the return of your favorite First & Ten characters in this book, too. Surprises, twists, and football action scenes will keep you turning the pages. 

Samantha Drake was quality. No slut, no easy chick, no woman to toy with. She was of the “bring ’em home to mom” variety. He was lucky to have her attention. How many bruisers like him ended up with classy women? None he knew of.
Maybe Bullhorn Brodsky, whose booming voice could be heard in the next county, and who could bring a three-hundred-pounder to his knees, had a shot at a relationship with this exceptional woman. Don’t blow it, Sly, he’d told himself a thousand times.

“We don’t have to do this. I can take you home if you don’t want to be with me. I understand. Devon’s done a number on me with you. I get it. No hard feelings.”
He put on his turn signal and backed up, getting ready to make a U-turn when she put her hand on his arm.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that.”
“Do you want to be with me or not?” His eyes were hard. “Because I’m done fooling around with this bullshit.”
“Do you want to be with me?” A deep breath didn’t keep her voice from shaking.
“Of course. I thought I made that damn clear. How many different ways do I have to say it, show it?” He put the car in park.

Find the book here:


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