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Monday, November 16, 2015


Due to the Tuesday Tales rules, I can't continue to share Bull's story with you because, I'm happy to say, his book has been published!! Only unpublished stories are allowed in Tuesday Tales.

I share with you a section from the next book in the First & Ten series, which is still being written. It's about the quarterback's wife, Lauren Montgomery. Her husband is playing a game in another city when she goes into labor. The one person available to ride through this terrifying experience with her is her husband's father, Hank. Only problem is that Hank wasn't very nice to her when he first met her. So she has been stand-offish, not trusting him. But what can she do now? She needs help and he's the only one around.

Monroe County Hospital, three o’clock

Hank was in the visitors lounge on the phone.
“She’s been up and at it for twelve hours. I don’t know how much more she can take.”
“Stay with her. The doctors’ll know what to do.”
“How’s Chip?”
“Awful. We had a hard day. He cried for his mom and was whiny for two hours. I thought I’d lose my mind. I took him outside, then we had lunch, then a nap. He was fine in the afternoon. We watched TV and had dinner. He’s asleep now. I’m pooped.”
“Lie down and rest.”
“You should get back to Lauren. She’s like a frightened doe.”
"Don’t worry. I won’t leave her. I’ll give you a progress report when I have more news.”
“You must be tired.”
“After eight cups of coffee, I don’t feel a thing,” he chuckled.
“Good job.”
“Love you, Verna.”
“Back at ya.”
Hank shut off his phone and returned to the birthing room. Lauren was sweaty and tearful. She appeared to be exhausted.
“We’ll begin pushing soon. As soon as she’s fully dilated. Won’t be long now,” the nurse said.
“Good thing, too. She’s worn out. I hope she has the strength.”
“Women are a lot tougher than you think,” the woman chuckled.
“I don’t doubt that one bit.”
The nurse handed him a fresh cup of ice chips. He eased into the chair beside Lauren. She stared at him with hostile eyes.
“Hey, I’m not the guy who got you into this,” he said, raising one hand. “Got some fresh ice chips.”
Lauren took one. “If I never see another ice chip, it'll be too soon,” she mumbled.
Hank took her hand. “I think you’re the bravest woman on Earth.”
“Don’t bullshit me, Hank,” she shot back, removing her hand.
“I mean it. Going through this without Griff. You’re something else, lady.”
She looked into his eyes, then she took his hand.
“I’m scared,” she whispered, her eyes watered.
“What?” He leaned closer.
“Scared. Scared silly. Scared shitless. Terrified.”
     "I get it. You're not alone. I'm not leaving. I'm with you all the way."
     She squeezed his hand.  

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