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Thursday, January 7, 2016


Meet Trunk Mahoney, ace defender for the Connecticut Kings. If you've been reading the series, you know something about Trunk. To enlighten further, I gave him the new 20 Questions Quiz. Here are his answers:


  1.     Blonde, brunette or redhead?
I never discriminate. I like them all.

  2.     Tall, medium or short woman?
  Again, no  discrimination here.

  3.     Favorite meal?

Blue cheese burger and sweet potato fries. (wink, wink)

  4.     Favorite sport?

You’re kidding me, right? Football, of course. What idiot thought up this question? Oops. Sorry, Jean.

  5.     Favorite color?

Red, the color of a certain woman’s lipstick.

  6.     Hobby?

Gardening. No wisecracks!

  7.     Dog or cat?

Dog. Pug. Two to be exact.
  8.     Dream vacation spot?

Anywhere with a certain female.

  9.     Dirty little secret?

You think I’m gonna tell you, so you can post it on your blog? You’re effing crazy.

  10.  Best friend?

Bull Brodsky in the male department and a certain brunette in the female.

  11.    Ham or Turkey?
Both. Never met a meat I didn’t like. Hey! Watch your mouth.

  12.    Burger or fried chicken?
Best burger in the world at The Savage Beast, of course. Wouldn’t throw a piece of fried chicken off my plate, though

  13.    Swimming or Skiing?

Swimming. Can’t break anything in the water.

  14.    Greatest fear?

A career-ending injury. And, before you ask, no. I’m not going to give you anything more than that. This is for publication. Besides, I need to keep it clean,, right?

  15.    Number 1 dislike in a woman?
     Let’s see. Hard to pick only one thing. Whining and money-hungry. That’s two? Okay, a whining money-mad woman. Heh heh. Yeah. Still two. Deal with it.

  16.    Number 1 like in a woman?

You want me to answer this question and keep it clean? You’re joking, right?

  17.     Bacon or sausage?


  18.   Favorite ice cream flavor?

This is tough. It’s a toss up between cookies and cream and chocolate chip.

  19.    Beer or vodka?

Both. Beer with vodka chaser. But I don’t drink much anymore, since I’ve been hanging out with a certain woman.

  20.      Train or Plane?
     Both. Train if I have the time, which I never do. 

     A bit about the book
    When his wife walked out on him, Al “Trunk” Mahoney’s plans for the family he’d never had went up in smoke. A top-ranked defenseman in the NFL, Trunk’s success on the gridiron didn’t translate to the rest of his life. Hooking up with women was easy for the sexy lineman, but Trunk’s secret closed the door to marriage. Would the happiness he yearned for always be just beyond his reach? 

Beautiful Carla Ricci, bar owner and independent woman had her choice of men. A love-‘em and leave-‘em lady, she’d made a decision that ruled out 99.9% of men for marriage. She didn’t care. Then Trunk Mahoney came along. Carla resolved to remain true to herself. Could her willpower hold indefinitely, or would she settle for an affair that would break her heart?


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