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Monday, January 11, 2016


This week is picture prompt week. We had our choice of picture. We are restricted to only 300 words, as well. Harley Brennan's story continues. Here's the picture I chose...
She sighed as she slipped the key card into the lock.  It had been a hard day. In spite of her reputation, she’d had to prove herself to people she’d never worked with before. With her efforts to forget Harley failing, Shy’s nerve were shot.
 She toed off her shoes and padded over to the huge window overlooking the beach. Would the moon be that beautiful when Harley and some chickie were out there, trying to fall in love? 
Penny, Mark Davis’ wife, called.
“How’s it going?”
“Well, it’s…uh, it’s.” Tears clouded her eyes. Her shoulders sagged.
“What’s wrong? Shy? Shyla? Talk to me.”
Emotion had closed her throat. She wiped furiously at her eyes. 
Stupid crybaby. It’s your own fault!
“Are you there?”
After a deep shuddering breath, she found her voice. “I’m here.”
“What the hell? What’s going on? What’s wrong?”
“I thought this would be a piece of cake, kind of like a joke, with me behind the scenes where Harley can’t see me.” She grabbed a tissue and blew her nose.
“Isn’t it?”
Shyla shook her head, even though her friend couldn’t see. “No way. It’s horrible. I’m going to be creating all these sexy, seductive settings so Harley and some girl can get the hots for each other and fall in love. I hate it.”
“Oh, Shy!”
“And the producers doubt everything I say. Whatever made me think I could do this?”
“You can’t leave now, can you?”
“I signed a contract. I’m in. Damn it.”
“It’s only two months.”
“It seems like a lifetime.”
“You can do it. You’re a professional. Just stay way behind the scenes, pretend you’re doing it for someone else and show those people you’re the best designer in the world.”
“Easy for you to say.” Shyla finished the bottle.

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