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Friday, February 26, 2016


I can't believe I'm such a starry-eyed fan of audio books. Yes, this is my first one. I roped my husband into listening to the auditions with me because I've never listened to an audio book and didn't know what to expect, or how to judge. 

We heard 11 auditions. The last two were close, real close. Great voice, but I still wasn't sure. Then I heard audition #12. His narration made me laugh at a funny part I'd already heard eleven times before. Number 12 was it, the one. 

His name is Jim Roberts. When I received the first 15 minute recording he sent, according to the ACX process, the book came alive. The little taste made me hunger for more. Not long after, the full  seven hour recorded book arrived for my approval. 

 In addition to being a narrator, Jim is also an actor, and a talented one. I cleared my schedule and prepared to meet Griff Montgomery, Lauren and the men of the Connecticut Kings football team, in person (almost). 

I was riveted, mesmerized by his recording. The story ceased to be simply a book, but became a life, two lives, seven lives or more. Real people, with voices created by Jim, were speaking my words, now their words. 

 The experience was transformative for me. I'm now an audio book junkie, eagerly awaiting my next fix: Jim's rendition of Buddy Carruthers, Wide Receiver, book 2 in the First & Ten series.

If you want to take a trip into a book, into the world of football, I invite you to pick up the audio book version of Griff Montgomery, Quarterback. 

You can get it here:  AUDIBLE     OR  here:    AMAZON



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