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Monday, February 29, 2016


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. As the release date for Harley's book draws near, last week's was the last posting from Harley's story. 
This week, for the prompt "hip" we start a new story, tentatively called, "Too Late for Goodbye". I hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to read everyone's Tuesday Tales, scroll down for the link. 


Jory’s face colored. “It’s just that there’s going to be a wedding…”
“The waiter just said the same thing. I love weddings. What’s going on?”
Jory sat in silence as Jerry arrived with two mimosas. When he left, Jory raised her glass.
“Down the hatch,” she said, taking a long drink.
Jackie sipped at hers. “Come on. Fess up.”
Before Jory could open her mouth, a black stretch limo pulled up in front of the church. People poured out of the building and stood outside, ready to greet the bride and groom. Jackie pushed back her chair and headed for the door with Jory in hot pursuit.
“I don’t think you want to do that. Jackie!”
Not listening to her friend, the spunky brunette pushed through the doors and stood next to  a telephone pole to watch. Suddenly the bride and groom came through the double doors and down the steps. The groom raised his gaze, which connected with Jackie’s. He stopped.
If someone had hit her on the head with a hammer, the shock and pain wouldn’t have been as great. Instantly she recognized him.
“Trevor,” she murmured.
Trevor Fulton stopped and stared, his eyes filled at once with hurt and longing. Beside him stood Jill Connolly, hand on hip, face filled with attitude.
“Come on, Trevor,” she said, moving toward the door.
But he was cemented to the ground. Jackie couldn’t move either. She simply stared at the man she had adored for three years. Memories of their days and nights together, her brain had refused to recognize for months, flooded through her memory. Where there had been a vast void before, now it was overflowing with pictures, feelings, sensations, smells, touches, everything that had made up her life with him for three years. All that had disappeared in an instant, returned with a vengeance.
“Trevor!” Jill said, tugging on his sleeve.
Jackie wandered nearer. “Trevor,” she muttered, her eyes wide. His name rolled off her tongue as if she had spoken to him yesterday, not a year ago. 
“He’s mine now. So you –stay away!” Jill shouted at Jackie, jolting her out of her reverie.
Jackie shook her head once to clear the fog. “Who are you?”
“Don’t play games with me, Jackie Tremont! You know who I am.”
“No, I don’t really. Honestly. Should I?”
“All you need to know is that I’m Mrs. Trevor Fulton,” Jill said, sticking out her hand and flaunting her wedding ring.

Her words cause Jackie to take in a breath. Pain rocketed through her. Trevor had been hers. What had happened?

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