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Thursday, February 11, 2016


Inspired by a certain reality TV program where a man is looking for a wife, Harley's story is one that came to me when I was writing the Hollywood Hearts series. His story was supposed to be book six, but Gunther Quill pushed him out of the way and took over book 6 for his own story. 

I didn't want to have a 7 book series, so Harley's story went on the shelf.  But the story lived and grew in my head. When I started the football series, I got the idea that Harley's story would fit here perfectly. So here it is: 
Harley Brennan and Shyla Hollings agreed to part company to follow their careers. It was a mutual decision. The star running back had no problem getting dates, but never the right dates. After one year spent trying to replace the only woman he’d ever loved, he declared defeat. Until the reality TV show, Marriage Minded, approached him.
     Harley flew to L.A. after the Super Bowl, ready to find his new soul mate. Bumping into Shyla at the airport didn’t give him a clue that she’d be behind the scenes, designing the sets for the program. And she didn’t tell him.  Was Fate playing a hand, bringing them together? If so, Harley had to admit, Fate had lousy timing.
Convinced his life was heading for a touchdown, Harley’s confidence was high, until his luck ran out. Would the running back get knocked out of the game or sprint to victory?    
A unique combination of reality TV show surprises, football action, humor, and steamy love scenes, HARLEY BRENNAN, RUNNING BACK, will keep you guessing until the last scene.

It's up for pre-order on Amazon. Here
It will be out in paperback within two weeks. And an audio book is planned. 

The book is still with the editor, so I have to share an unedited snippet: 

“So you won the Super Bowl, now you’re looking for a wife?”
He nodded. “That’s about it.”
“I can’t believe you can’t find one on your own.”
“All those groupies in bars aren’t exactly the girls I want to take home to mother.”
“That would be quite a trip, since your mom’s been gone five years now.”
He almost spit out champagne. She laughed and handed him a napkin.
“Nice way to talk about my mother.”
“None of your teammates can fix you up with the perfect girl?” She arched an eyebrow.
“If they could, would I be sitting here?”
She shrugged. “Guess not. Well, they can’t all be me.” Mischief twinkled in her eyes.
He grinned. “You got that right.”
The steward brought out caviar on toast, which they gobbled down. They dined on filet mignon, cooked medium. Harley thought he’d lose it when she pulled out the same book that he had finished the month before.
“Damn it, Shy. Why do you have to be so much like me?”
“A man-whore?”
“You know what I mean. I read Grafton’s latest book last month.”
She laughed. “My male twin. Oops, that would make us incest.”
He smiled before replying, “Is there an ‘us’?”
Color crept up to her cheeks. She turned away, peering out into the blackness of night.
“I guess not. Not if you’re on the quest for connubial bliss with someone else.” 

Come on board for a wild ride through reality TV twists and turns, football action with unexpected consequences and a happy ending you'll never see coming. Pre-order your copy now, here.


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