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Monday, February 15, 2016


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. The word prompt this week is "beat." Harley's story continues, but will be stopping very soon as the book is due to be released in early March. Return to Tuesday Tales with the link below.


“Where’s your keeper?” Trunk Mahoney asked, sliding onto the stool next to him.
“Good. She’s a piece of work. How did you end up with her?”
“She’s not so bad.”
“Not so bad? Doesn’t sound like a great match. But, hey, my first marriage wasn’t exactly perfect, either.”
“I’m not aiming for a first marriage. This will be my one and only.”
“Maybe she’s not the right girl? Don’t get me wrong. She’s hot, beautiful. But she doesn’t like us and we’re your team.”
“She’ll get used to you.”
“These guys? Doubt it.”
“Come. Five bucks says I beat your sorry ass,” Harley said, pushing to his feet and grabbing a handful of darts.
“You’re on.”
The two men moved to the side where the new dart board hung on the wall. It wasn’t long before they were joined by Buddy Carruthers and Bullhorn Brodsky. Bull and Buddy had a couple of beers while Trunk and Harley stayed sober.
After the game, Trunk drove Buddy and Bull home. It was ten and the bar was empty. Harley ordered a piece of cheesecake and a cup of coffee. Carla joined him.
“Aren’t you usually home in bed by now?” She asked.
“During training camp? Yeah. Not so great going home alone.”
“Hot for your new girl?”
“You could say that.” Although she didn’t provide a lot of companionship, he missed what she did add to his life.  “You and Trunk look good. This place is coming along.”
“By the season opener, it should be finished. Like it?”
“It looks amazing.”
“My only worry is that someone’s gonna get into a fight and throw a dart at someone.”
Harley laughed. “Might happen.”
“I wanted to get safe darts. The Velcro kind? But Trunk talked me out of it.”
“He’ll be here to sit on anyone’s face who gets out of hand.”
“Yeah, he’s my security team.” She grinned.

Harley’s gaze perused her. He’d never seen Carla look so good. Everything about her glowed. That’s what love looks like. He knew it was the look of love, because he had seen it before, on Shyla’s face when she gazed at him. He frowned to think he’d never seen that on Vanessa’s face, even the day he proposed.

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