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Monday, November 21, 2016


This week, our 5 facts are about football. No surprise there as I'm a big fan. 

1.  Regardless of the fact it's called a "pigskin", professional footballs are made from cowhide. In fact it takes about 600 cows to make enough for one season of pro ball. 

2.  Where did American football come from? You probably already know this, but it was born out of rugby and soccer and came from England. Football took hold in the late 1800's on college campuses. 

3. Walter Camp, a college coach, is considered the "Father" of American football. He's credited with inventing the first rules in 1876 that included changes to line scrimmages, downs and distance. 

4. Here's an odd mix of literature and football. The Baltimore Ravens are named for Edgar Allan Poe's poem, "The Raven." Even the team mascots get into the act.  They are named "Edgar", "Allan", and "Poe". Baltimore lays claim to this poem because it was written in that city sometime in the 1830's. 

5. You can probably guess this one, too. The most watched event on American television is the Super Bowl. 

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