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Sunday, November 20, 2016

What People Are Saying... #reviews #romance #books #favorite #football

Welcome! This week, I'm sharing the wonderful reviews for one of my favorite books (shhh, don't tell the others) - it's Al "Trunk" Mahoney, Defensive Line from the First & Ten series. Although the books are connected, each can stand alone, including this one. 


"Trunk and Carla’s story has been my favorite so far. I know I say that with each book, but each one keeps getting better and better. Carla is a strong woman who can handle Trunk and keep him in line. And when the two of them get together it makes for a “can’t put down” book. Learning about Trunk’s past allowed you to connect with him, which I thought in previous books would be impossible. They just have so much insight into each other that you can feel their connection. Kudos on another great book! " SM


"The First and Ten series is amazing as a whole, but Trunk's story is one that really stands out to me. Trunk has regularly appeared in the previous stories in the series and really he never shines in a positive light. His story really changed how I viewed him. In the other stories he really comes off as a womanizer and the story lines infer that he's a cheat, but it didn't take long to see that there was another side to him.

I loved the vulnerable side of Trunk that we see in this story. The pain, insecurity and the desire to be loved really bought Trunk to a different level. As we read more about his relationship with Mary it helps to ease the opinion the reader forms of him in previous books. I very easily fell in love with the big man that was hurting so much. I loved watching him find his way and find a woman who could be everything he needed.

Carla is probably one of my favorite women in the series. She's tough and sassy, determined to make it on her own, be her own woman, even it means that she has to walk away from her family and the one man who she loves. I just adored her spirit. She was everything Trunk needed, sympathetic, a friend, a lover, and a caretaker. I definitely felt the chemistry between the two of them.

I loved getting caught up with the team. At this point the series is getting too big to read about all the previous characters, so I like how Jean included them all at different parts, but only went in depth in a couple of chapters on focused couples, like Griff and Lauren. I hope there are more stories coming! I want to see more of where these stories go and I feel like there are several more players that need their stories told!"  SC



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