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Friday, November 18, 2016

SATURDAY SNIPPETS!! "R" RATED #sexy #romance #hollywood

Welcome! This week I'm posting a sexy snippet from the first book in my Hollywood Hearts series - IF I LOVED YOU. 

A walk in the park isn't simply a walk in the park for Chas and Meg. He takes her to that enigma, the stone arch, in Central Park. 
Things get a little out of hand in the quiet when their mutual desire takes over. 


“Take many girls to the Arch?” Megan peered at him in the fading light.
“You’re the first.”
She slipped her arm around his waist and moved up against his side.
He stopped suddenly to point. Megan raised her gaze. “How do the stones stay together like that?” She stepped nearer, staring at the structure.
He shrugged. “No idea.”
“It’s a work of art.”
Chaz led her to a bench facing the arch where they could eat. He opened the basket and popped the cork on the wine before pouring two glasses. Megan took a sip. “Mmm…delicious.”
He handed her a plastic container. She opened it to reveal a dozen giant strawberries half coated in dark chocolate. Taking one in between her fingers, she slowly raised it to his lips. Their gazes locked as his lips surrounded the succulent berry. A bite sent a copious amount of juice flowing down his chin. Megan leaned forward slightly, but caught herself before she licked his face clean. Instead, she plucked a napkin out of the basket.
“Were you going to…?”
She nodded before putting her finger over his lips as she wiped off the juice. Picking up a berry, he mirrored her movements, except this time, Chaz licked the strawberry juice off her chin. His lips slipped over hers effortlessly. She finished chewing and swallowed as his tongue swept across her lower lip, setting off a spark in her belly and igniting her passion.
He pulled her closer until their chests barely touched and kissed her in earnest—his lips working hers until she opened for him. Megan placed her hands on his broad shoulders, feeling the taut muscles of his upper back through the thin fabric of his windbreaker. The taste of strawberry mixed with the feel of his tongue gliding over hers excited her. Her nipples hardened, aching for his touch.
Moving his hands to her back, he closed the gap between them so that her breasts were touching his chest. He moved his hands up and his fingers played with the ends of her hair. She didn’t resist, yielding to her desire to be close to him.
He angled his head and took the kiss deeper. Meg floated, her mind turned off. All she could do was feel his hands on her, feel his lips on hers, soft yet demanding. She breathed in his intoxicating scent mixed with his after-shave. The ache inside her stoked the fire so hot it seemed to scorch her insides. She clamped her thighs together but that only made her desire increase. Before she could stop herself, she purred into his mouth.
Encouraged by her response, Chaz ripped his mouth from hers and moved it to her neck. His lips and tongue burned a trail down the column. He deftly unzipped her jacket and slipped it off one shoulder, allowing his lips to continue down to her shoulder. His hands were on her waist, holding her steady. Her nipples stung, needing to be touched. As if he could read her mind, Chaz slid his hand up her ribcage until it covered her breast. She gasped at the sharp tingle that shot straight to her core when his fingers closed on her nipple.
Chaz raised his head.
“Sorry. Got carried away.”
Her eyes were wide, dark green with passion. Two words tumbled out of her mouth without her brain’s knowledge.
“Don’t stop.” It was almost a moan.


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