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Sunday, November 13, 2016

One of my goals in writing books is to please readers. I'm happy to say I do more than I don't and here are a few samples of what people are saying about my books. 

How about the military romantic suspense I wrote with Ben Tanner? 


"This book was a fantastic, can't put down book that will knock your socks off and then keep you coming back for more!"  TeCe

"Wow! Tara and Mike what a love story, with some Sadness with trust issues(with Cheating ex's)even on the plane together joking on who's cheat story was better. What a great job on the Hospital chapters. You had me on the edge of my seat when..."  TVM

"The romance between Tara a reporter, and Mick a Marine is thoroughly engrossing. I love how they click. Coming from recent break ups they both were a bit gun shy. The vivid imagery and deep descriptions made an already wonderful romance even better. Everything about the hunky marine was sexy and I fell in love with him. Jean Joachim and Ben Tanner are definitely a great writing team. It is a well written, fast paced, fun romance with just the right amount of passion and suspense."  KB


(Dangerous Love Lost and Found won the Suspense category of the International Digital Awards.)

"If you like your suspense hot then you'll love the sizzle between Tom and Eden..." MD

When Spec Ops meet the CIA you are guaranteed an action packed, combustible, passionate good time and that is exactly what Jean Joachim has delivered. .." F


These are just a sampling of the rave reviews for these two books. 

Find them here:

Love Lost & Found

Dangerous Love Lost & Found

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