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Monday, June 20, 2011


Tuesday Tales continue today. Join me and other Astraea Press authors as we write short stories to a word prompt. The prompt this week is "fire". To read the full stories, click on the author's name. Scroll down for my story, "Mint Chip" . We hope you enjoy our stories.

J. F. Jenkins
I unlock the door, and usher Petey into the condo. I'm so happy to be home again. After Marit got into her fight with Dad, I decided it best to slip out unnoticed.  (click on J. F. Jenkins to connect to the rest of the story)

J. Gunnar Gray
The front door gaped open. Stoner paused, Homburg in hand, staring at this irrefutable testament of some breach underway within his defenses, and paradoxically felt relief—at least he wouldn’t have to venture forth into that horrendous storm. (click on J. Gunnar Gray to connect to the rest of the story)

Kay Springsteen
First sentences:  Kevin leaned over the firepit and stirred the charcoal embers. The fact that Lina no longer had to sneak furtive glances of his rear end, at least in private, was a perk she could live with. (click on Kay Springsteen to connect to the rest of the story)

My continuing story, Mint Chip, the word prompt in a chapter. Chapters One - Four
(click here to read earlier chapters) 
Chapter Five
          Nina followed Clint up the steep staircase, anxiety and excitement blending in her blood. She’d never been in his bedroom. There was a bathroom on the first floor so she’d no reason to come upstairs at all.
          The room was spacious with double windows overlooking
the garden. It was still quite light outside providing no darkness to hide Nina’s body or her furrowed brow. Clint took her over to the window.
          “Every morning, when I got out of bed, first thing, I’d go to the window and watch you in the garden. I watched you every day, talking to the tomatoes, weeding, spreading fertilizer with little result. But there you were, resolute, not giving up…and beautiful in those snug blue shorts and halter top.’
          “You watched me garden?”
          “Every morning.”
“I’d stand here, admiring your determination, and also…waiting, waiting for your flimsy halter top to fall off or open up or something. I got a good view from up here.”
        Nina laughed.
          “You laugh. Every day…disappointment.”
          Nina looked at him and cocked an eyebrow. He took her in his arms and kissed her passionately, then moved his lips to her neck, nuzzling her.
          “I’ve had the hots for you since we first met. I wanted to wipe that mint chip off your chest so bad…to touch those great breasts…see them…and now I can…I will…”
          Desire swept through Nina’s body like wildfire. She assumed being wanted physically by a man was over for her, especially a man Clint’s age. Men her age all wanted young women to make them feel alive. She gave up ever hearing declarations, like Clint’s, or giving herself over to passion again and was deliriously happy to find she was wrong as she closed her eyes and moved her body closer to his.
          She didn’t feel his hand search for the zipper on her sundress, find it and ease it down. She sensed his actions when air touched her skin. The bodice loosened and Clint’s hand was on her back, stroking her smooth skin.
          “No bra. Oh, God! Nina…perfect,” He murmured.
          She smiled as he eased one strap down, then the other…watching the dress fall to the floor. She continued unbuttoning his shirt, then reached for the waistband of his shorts. But he was there first. The shorts dropped to the floor as Nina eased the shirt off his shoulders.
          She stepped back a little.
          “Let me look at you,” he said, standing back and gazing at her half naked body, “better than my imagination…than my dreams. You are beautiful.”
          Nina blushed at his compliment as his hands came up to caress and gently massage her breasts, his mouth again on her neck. She moaned and turned her face away.
          “Look at me. You are lovely,” he whispered.
          Nina put her arms around him and pulled him close, resting her warm face against his chest. Her hand explored his muscles through the soft dark hair as she tried to steady her breathing.
          Clint put a vise-like grip around her and picked her up, carrying her to the bed. When he got there, he kissed her as he eased her down on her back, joining her quickly, lying on his side where he could see and touch her as he pleased. She reached out to trail her fingers across his shoulder and down his chest. His mouth captured her peak. She closed her eyes, made a little noise in her throat and sighed as her pleasure mounted. When she opened her eyes, she caught her breath.
          “You are…magnificent,” she said, her gaze focused on his chest.
          “Flattery will get you everywhere,” he said, releasing her breast and moving down to ease her panties off.
          Before long they were naked on the bed and Clint was making slow, passionate love to Nina…arousing feelings she hadn’t felt in years. Her body responded to his every touch, her passion building slowly at first, then catching fire like a match to a newspaper. It flared up in her veins making her impatient. She closed her eyes.
          “I want you,” she breathed.
          “No rush, honey. I want you to be…totally satisfied,” Clint said.
          His restraint was remarkable as he focused on her body, caressing, kissing, stroking her with hands, lips and tongue. She touched him, marveling at how strong his desire was and smiled in anticipation. He removed her hand as his tight control began to melt.
          “Are you ready for me?” he breathed in her ear.
          “Ohhh…yes,” she murmured.
          Quickly he was inside her, taking her and giving himself. Nina gasped when he entered her. It had been a long time since she had made love. But the sensations were so exquisite, so strong, every slow, deep thrust brought new pleasure making her moan.
          “Are you okay?” He asked, pushing up on his elbows to look at her.
          Their eyes connected while he continued to move and she couldn’t look away. Behind his fierce desire she saw genuine caring...afraid to think it was love. Sweat broke out between their bodies and provided a slick surface, making them glide together easily.
          “More than…”she breathed.
          His mouth came down on hers in a hard kiss, taking her, then letting her go. Her hips moved with his as the heat in her body became almost unbearable, pushing her over the edge. She groaned loudly as release overcame her, her eyes closed, bliss racing through her body all the way to her toes.
He followed shortly afterward, burying his face in her neck, making several loud grunts and a long sigh. Sweat dripped off his forehead onto her shoulder.
Too overwhelmed to speak, they lay in each other’s arms quietly. He placed soft kisses on her neck while she ran her fingernails gently over his back. A feeling of contentment washed over Nina…she closed her eyes to focus on the feel of his body on hers. He finally rolled off to her right side and propped himself up. His free hand moved a lock of hair out of her face and continued to reach over and stroke her hair while his gaze searched her face.
Nina placed her palm on his cheek and smiled, her eyes dancing.
“You are a multi-talented man,” she said.
“Writes brilliant plays, makes exquisite love,” she said.
Her hand stroked his face gently until he lifted it and kissed her palm.
“I told you…it’s a collaboration,” he said, grinning.
“For the play?” She asked,
“For…everything…” he whispered in her ear.
Nina closed her eyes and rested her arms on the pillow above her head.
“Don’t do that unless you intend to start something…meaning we’ll never get dinner,” he said, eyeing her breasts.
She laughed and put her arms down. He pulled her to his chest for a huge hug, holding her close. Her hair smelled like gardenias.
“No one ever believed in me before…not like you do…,” he whispered.
“It’s easy…you’re brilliant…”
You say. You mean everything to me.”
        “And you…to me,” she confessed.
        "That was mind-blowing sex…” he said.
        “Earth shattering.”
        “The ultimate experience.”
        “Beyond the pale.”
        “Defying description.”
        “Okay I give up. I concede. You’re the English teacher.”
        “Food…need strength for repeat performance,” he said.
        Clint got off the bed and pulled out a clean tee shirt of his and tossed it to Nina before slipping on his shorts.
        “On you, it’s a dress. It’s all you need. Not necessary to get fully dressed again…if you know what I mean,” he said, grinning.
        “I’m getting the idea…looks like a two dessert night.”
        “You’re a quick study,” he said, taking her hand.
        “I’m good with my favorite subjects… you’re an excellent teacher,” she said, showing him a wicked grin making him laugh.
         “Honey, I didn’t have to teach you anything,” he said as they descended into the kitchen to start dinner.

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Anonymous said...

Whoa! Fanning self. Very nice because it's sweet and sexy at the same time, not at all raunchy.

Jean said...

Thanks, Kay. I prefer sensual, a little description and a whole lotta imagination!

LB said...

I agree! Sweetly sexy... and it shows such a connection between them, this isn't just sex, its more... :)

Jean said...

Thanks for your comment, L.B. I agree. It's love but they can't admit it yet. Loved writing this chapter.