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Monday, August 29, 2011

TUESDAY TALES - Sexy Night at the Museum

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Sexy Night at the Museum
Chapter Three
After an evening of interruptions, handsome Dr. Rick Banks, professor, lecturer and curator at the Washington Natural History Museum and Liza Holmes, the beautiful intern working under him for the year retired to his bedroom in Dr. Banks’ townhouse in the tony Foggy Bottom section of Washington, D.C.
Although two more people appeared at the door and three called, Dr. Banks ignored them all, refusing to be disturbed anymore while he made passionate love to Liza. Afterward, they collapsed from exhaustion and fell asleep cuddled together. Liza awoke first as the early morning sun crept through the gauzy white curtains in the well-appointed bedroom and poked her right in the eye. Rick opened his eyes as she rolled over to face him. She felt his gaze travel slowly over her naked body, taking in every inch.
“I’m pleased to see your rep for being a stickler for details applies to making love as well as ornithology,” Liza said, arching and eyebrow and stroking his strong chest gently with her manicured nails.
He pulled her closer and placed a tender kiss on her lips.
“I am always interested in a spectacular new specimen and like to spend time getting to know it intimately,” he replied, moving the palm of his hand down from her cheek to her shoulder and down farther to rest on her breast.  
“What kind of specimen am I?” she asked, sliding closer to him.
“Hmmm. Let me see,” he said, furrowing his brow while his hand continued to caress her breast.  
Liza squirmed under his expert massage as warmth traveled down her body.
“I would say, a flightless bird, of the most exquisite blonde plumage with expressive blue eyes. Perfect size for the species with amazingly beautiful secondary sex characteristics…quite the most responsive of the species I’ve encountered yet.”
Liza laughed.
“Is that so?” She teased, slipping her hand down to squeeze his backside.
“Upon first encounter, I would say that is true. However, I believe this specimen requires further investigation…constant, long-term examination for me to be completely familiar with the species.”
At this, his mouth came down on hers and his chest rolled on top of hers. Liza wound her arms around his shoulders and dug her nails slightly into his muscles. His slid his hand down and rolled her onto her side, facing him. His hand moved down to her bottom, which he caressed and squeezed several times.
“You have the most delightful rump, Liza,” he said, sparks of fire showing in his light brown eyes.
She moved her hands to his.
“I would say the same for you, too, Professor,” she whispered in his ear.
He didn’t reply as his mouth was occupied tasting her peak while his hand caressed her thigh. Liza’s breathing became ragged and she arched her back, thrusting her body toward him in a silent plea.
“More?” he asked, his eyes dancing.
“How did you guess?” she replied, losing one hand in his dark hair while the other one closed on his bicep.
He lifted his head, bringing his gaze directly to hers. Blue eyes smoky with desire greeted his lusty look and he smiled in anticipation. His hand on her thigh began a slow move upward and she felt his arousal growing against her belly as a faint sound of drums met her ears. She jerked her head toward the window, straining to hear.
He switched his mouth to the other breast, unaware of her loss of concentration.
“What’s that?” she asked.
He raised his head up and cocked an eyebrow.
“Don’t you hear that?”
He removed his attention from the sumptuous body beneath him for a moment and listened.
“Don’t hear a thing,” he said and went back to his seduction.
 Liza eased out from under him as the clanging of cymbals became louder. She sat up.
“That. That!” she said, pointing out the window.
Now Rick heard the drums and the cymbals and he, too, sat up. He looked over at the small desk in the corner of the room, at the page-a-day calendar sitting there with the date in bold black letters and numbers. Then he put his head in his hands.
“Oh, no,” he muttered.
“What?” she asked, taking him by the shoulders.
“It’s Columbus Day,” he moaned.
“So? No work, right? So what?”
“Not just no work. There’s a parade today.”
“Okay, yeah, and?” she coaxed.
“My ex-girlfriend is a drum majorette, she does this every year,” he revealed.
And the music of the marching band got louder and louder. The sound of the cymbals crashing and the drums rat-a-tatting moved closer to the house. Within ten minutes, Liza could no longer hear Rick’s voice.
He got up and grabbed a robe from the back of the door and threw her a t shirt of his. She donned it quickly and they went downstairs. The marching band music was deafening, so loud they could not hear the doorbell sound. Rick didn’t need to, he knew who was out there.
Standing in front of the door, Rick took a deep breath. Liza was hiding behind him, peeking out over his shoulder. He yanked open the door and a tall brunette stood there. She had long curly hair, wore a skimpy red and white uniform with high-heeled white boots with tassels on them. Her large breasts were spilling out of the low cut of the tiny red-and-white striped jacket she wore and her well-rounded bottom was barely covered by red short shorts. The tall white hat with red trim and tassels made her tower over Rick. She wore a big toothy grin when she saw him.
“Hi there, Honey,” she gushed.
“Brenda, what are you doing here?”
“Just passing by with the band and thought I’d stop and see if you…”
At that moment, Liza stepped out from behind Rick and stared at Brenda as if she were an alien.
“What’s she doing here,” Brenda asked in a testy voice.
“She’s my girlfriend,” Rick stated.
“Over my dead body,” Brenda threatened.
“If that’s the way you want it, it can be arranged,” Liza said as she slammed the door in the brunette’s face and locked it.
The band continued to play even louder. Liza put her hands over her ears and ran back up the stairs. Rick followed her. After ten minutes of holding pillows over their heads, it was over. The band had moved on. Liza exhaled a big sigh.
“Where did you ever find her?” she asked Rick, her eyes wide.
“She’s a common species, actually. A member of the genus barfly and can be found at all neighborhood watering holes.” He quipped, putting his palm on her cheek.
Liza smiled at him and pulled him down on the bed on top of her.

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Kathleen Grieve said...

Loved the twist with the ex in the marching band!

Kathleen Ball said...

So steamy- love Brend-lol