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Friday, September 2, 2011

Sweet Saturday Samples

Here is my Sweet Saturday Sample from Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights:

She couldn’t believe Mickey Foster was the maintenance
man at The Birches. He returned with a new spigot and attached it
for her.
“So, if no one calls you Mickey, what do they call you?”
“Oh, okay.”
“What about you? Do they still call you Sunny?”
“Yes,” she lied. “Do you work here?”
“No. I live up here and like to help out from time to time. My
parents sold their place when I went to college, but I liked it, so I
decided to return.”
“Thanks for fixing the faucet,” she said.
“It should hold for a few days, until you get a new one,” he
said. “I see you’re still getting into trouble,” he said with a
mischievous grin.
“What do you mean? What have you heard?” she asked
nervously, her mouth getting dry and her stomach queasy.
“Isn’t getting stranded in the bathtub by scalding water
trouble enough?”
“Oh…of course, of course,” she agreed, relieved.
“Should I be asking about some other trouble?” he probed,
his keen eyes boring into her.
“No, no. I’m good,” she said with a smile.

Mike didn’t believe her for a minute. He remembered Sunny,
always curious, always in trouble…getting into poison ivy, cornered by a poisonous snake, climbing on the roof to see what it felt like then getting stuck up there, becoming stranded in a tall tree, teased by other kids who didn’t understand her.

Sunny was different, but different in a good way; Mike always found her interesting even when he was called on to save her time and time again. Now the skinny, gawky young teen with the tiny turned-up nose and flat chest was a beautiful woman with
amazing breasts and still interesting, he’d guess. A lethal
combination for a single guy.
“See you at six,” he said, packing up his tools and leaving.

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Curious about the free prequel, Moonlight and Roses? Here's a taste. Download it FREE at Smashwords. Go to the link at the end of the excerpt:

Chapter One

          "A dance in Central Park for single people…how romantic," Linda Davis said, clasping her hands together in front of her bosom.
           "You’re not getting any younger and I want to be a grandma."
           "I’m only 27, I'm not over the hill, yet," Caroline responded.
           "Check it out, sweetheart. Go, dance in the moonlight. Find a rich man, make me happy."
Saturday night, Caroline Davis slipped into the new print sundress her mother made for her.
 “I picked this fabric because the cornflower blue in those little flowers matches your eyes exactly.”
“You’re right. The match is uncanny.”
“I like white on blondes, too, it sets off your hair, sweetheart,” Linda put in.
Caroline had always been proud of her curvy figure, long slim legs and  bright smile. Her father said she was a work of art.
           Caroline  entered Central Park with a sigh and headed for the Sheep Meadow which was aglow with twinkly lights and live music. A warm breeze brushed her cheek on her way across the uneven lawn where she  stumbled over a rock and caught her heel twice in the tall grass. She took a glass of wine off a table covered with a white cloth and wandered through the growing crowd, looking, in vain, for a familiar face among the men and women mingling under the gaze of the full moon.
As she faced South, the breath-taking skyline of New York City dark against the light sky turning pink and purple as sunset arrived demanded her attention. No matter how long she lived there, her artist’s eye would see no two identical skyline scenes; tall gray, black and silver buildings in varying heights outlined against the ever-changing sky. Finding a man as interesting as this City would be a challenge.
 To download this novella for free click HERE


Sherry Gloag said...

Your description through Mike's eyes is so vivid I felt I was standing beside him. Great sample :-)

Jean said...

Thanks, Sherry.

Sandy Nachlinger said...

I like the interaction between the two characters. Realistic dialogue that raises lots of questions. For example: Why did Sunny lie? I'm looking forward to more.

Lindsay said...

I can't wait to start reading the book. I love the way, through Mike's eye, you give us a look into Sunny's past