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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Secrets of the Astraea Press Authors - HUGE SALE this week!

 I unearthed some little known facts about Astraea Press authors, which I am sharing here. What's not a secret is the MAJOR SALE at Astraea Press. ALL Books are going on sale this weekend for a week in honor of Labor Day! These sale prices...$1.99 for novellas and $2.99 for available at all outlets. Double or triple the number of books you can buy for the same money, all week.

Jean Joachim
She has a secret brownie recipe she may share with her readers. She listens to The Beach Boys, Brandenburg Concertos, Michael Buble, Matthew Morrison and ABBA. She's the only one in her house who loves the music of Justin Bieber. When she's alone, she blasts up the music and dances in the kitchen while making dinner or washing dishes. She studied dance as a child.

J. Gunnar Grey
"I met my husband in a Star Trek fan club, where he performed the most marvelous imitation of Scotty ever. John has this gorgeous, flexible voice that can do any accent imaginable, from a Scots brogue to pure hayseed to Tweety Bird. When he puts on his kilt and red ST uniform shirt, wears a mustache and does the accent, he can out-Scotty Jimmy Doohan himself."

Chynna Laird
She started playing piano when she was two. Her mother, like Payton's mother in 'Blackbird Flies', also lived with untreated bipolar disorder but was a brilliant musician, artist and poet. Her father is the inspiration for Liam in 'Blackbird Flies' right down to the cheesy moustache. She was a Litigation Paralegel until she had her first child.

Meg Mims
Her daughter said she is WAAAAAAAAAY too happy -- like FREAKISHLY happy -- in the morning. She wakes up after seven hours and is IMMEDIATELY awake and just wants to SING the "Good morning song" from Singing in the Rain. 

Kristine Cheney
She loves candles. Lighting a bunch of candles before she writes is relaxing, ambient, romantic, and the scents fill all her senses. She doesn’t listen to music when she writes because she finds it distracting, but a song in the car, can inspire lots of fabulous ideas. Her true muse is water. Rain. The sounds of a storm. The waves of the ocean. A babbling brook or stream.

Joselyn Vaughn
Future novel, Hauntings of the Heart, was almost titled Cluck, Cluck, Boo. This has spurred an ongoing joke with her critique group where every novel they write must have a Cluck, Cluck title associated with it.  Another favorite is Cluck, Cluck, Ow-woo.  Sadly these have never made the final cut in title selection.

"I'm not a mean, nasty, horrible and rotten as some people think. I'm worse."

Kay Springsteen
Kay Springsteen (yes, that's the name she was born with, no she's not related to Bruce as far as I'm aware) once wanted to be a teacher, and spent her first student teaching year working with Vietnamese Boat People.

Iris Blobel
I love Launceston, a little town at the north of Tasmania. I fell in love with it a few years back when visiting with my mum. We wanted to do souvenir shopping when we noticed most of the shops in the city were closed on Sundays .... as annoying it initially was, the quietness and serene atmosphere felt really good.

   Sarah Ballance
"My husband and I have six children. The first five were on purpose, and the sixth was a BIG surprise two years after I had my tubes cut, partially removed, and tied."

 Bri Clark
"I'm 29 and I have a son who is 17 and one that is 15. When people stop to do them math it seems as if I had one at 12 and the other at 14. In truth they are both my husbands whom I adopted. But often times I can't help but mess with people and say "Once my husband got out of jail for we got married." Especially those who get that judgmental you had a baby as a teen look."  

 Samantha Combs
She speak Spanish,  started her automotive career at 17 as a repossessor, is a body damage appraiser/estimator in a male- dominated industry, has run completely male-staffed body shops and never ask them to do ANYTHING she can't do right alongside them.

Therese Gilardi
She loves train travel. it's her favorite mode of transportation.

J.F. Jenkins
"My eyes are two different colors, and I married a decendant of Nathaniel Hawthorne."

                                      Brea Essex 
(New Astraea Press Author)
Brea Essex has studied a variety of fighting styles, including fencing, Eskrima (Filipino stick fighting) and Shōrin-ryū (a martial art style popular in Okinawa, Japan). Her novel FORESHADOW (a YA Paranormal Romance) is forthcoming from Astraea Press.

Sherry Gloag (New Astraea Press Author)
She finds working with selenite crystal soothing beyond words, and love it.

These books are available for the sale prices of $1.99 for novellas and $2.99 for novels. Get double the number of books for your money. Astraea Press books are available at:
Stock up while the sale lasts!

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