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Monday, June 2, 2014


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. Here is another episode in the Griff Montgomery, Quarterback, story, continuing from last week. 
Griff’s attention was drawn to the nicely rounded bottom facing him. The woman it belonged to was bending over to allow his dog, Spike, to lick her face clean. Lusty thoughts ran through his mind as the eye-catching body part almost brushed his leg. 

When the woman stood up and turned to face him, he saw long, dark hair, perfectly pink lips, and flashing hazel eyes throwing a cold look his way. He was dazzled.
“You heard me. You stole my dog. This is Zander. And he’s mine,” she grabbed for the pug’s leash.
As he raised it above the reach of the beautiful woman standing before him, his eyes narrowed.
“So you’re the asshole who left this dog to starve and die? No way are you getting him back. I should call the cops.”
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“Lady, I found this dog, starving, guarding an empty house. Your house. Did you conveniently forget you had him? And now you want him back? Go to hell.” He pulled the dog closer to him and moved his long legs forward.   
"You got a lotta nerve talking to me like that! I did not forget my dog."
"Yeah? Tell it to the cops, lady." If I don’t get away from her, I’m going to hit her. He gritted his teeth as he walked. His eyes darkened and his hands fisted at his side. I hate animal abusers. 
A small tug on his arm caught his attention.
“What the fuck do you want?” He turned to face her.
“That’s my dog,” She said, her jaw tightened, her lips compressed into a thin line. 
“On a cold day in Hell, lady. If you were a man, I’d take you  behind that store and beat the shit out of you.” He took a menacing step toward her and she backed away. The woman’s eyes registered fear.
His gaze automatically slid down to her deliciously seductive chest. Annoyed with himself, he immediately snapped his attention back to her face. She inched toward him, closing her fingers around the leash and opened her mouth.

“Help! Police!”


Lindsay said...

Love the interaction between them. Can't wait for the first kiss.

Ros Nazilli said...

Give back the dog... It's going to get hot me thinks...x

V.L. Locey said...

Great interaction! The sparks are flying already.

Sarah Cass said...

Oooh, and the fireworks fly. Can't wait to see what happens next. Clear lust and there's that thin line between love and hate.

Jillian said...

Love the way this is continuing. Lots of sparks~

Iris Blobel said...

oh my ... nicely done ... can't wait when the annoyance turns to attraction :-)

trishafaye said...

Loved the scene. Great interaction between the two. I think this is going to rise to steamy real quick.
Loved how you used bottom - with a great picture to get the point across.

morgan said...

I love all your dog stories. Great use of the prompt.

S.E said...

Wow that scene was really intense, the twit should have asked questions before he became accusatory