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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Best Confessions and Lies Ever!

As promised, here is one of the great confessions of all time! Tomorrow is Six Sentence Sunday, so I will not have another confession post until next week. If you want your story told, anonymous is fine with me, please send it to me at:

Next week I start the serialized prequel to "Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights" revealing a little more every week. Hope you'll join me.

Now enjoy this fabulous story from Missy Martine:

Good Morning,

The biggest lie I ever told in my life popped into mind when I saw your post. It's been so many years, and the fact it'll post on the internet and he doesn't know my pen name, makes it seem pretty safe to tell now Smile emoticon

Back in 1996 I was having an extremely hard time getting a divorce. I'd been in an abusive marriage for twenty years and he just wasn't willing to let go. Nothing the lawyer did got him to sign the papers. Finally, he did sign a financial agreement dividing the bills and they set a court date - then he changed his mind and told me he was going to fight the divorce. Mind you, I had no experience with divorce and for all I knew he could fight it and win and the judge could make me stay married. I'd been told by my lawyer that the judge might insist on counseling and a mandatory trial reconciliation.

I'd up and moved to another state when things started getting ugly right after I left him. At least that way I could come and go to work without fear of him catching me. When he backed out and said he was going to fight I didn't know what to do, so, I lied! I got a friend to call my lawyer and pretend to be my ex, and had them tell him that he'd changed his mind again and the divorce hearing could go ahead as planned. Then, I told my ex that I was willing to talk and I would meet him at the place where he worked on a certain day.

I showed up in court - this was in Georgia and the courthouse in the county seat was really small. There were about 50 people standing in the hallway waiting to go into the courtroom. My lawyer came and asked me to follow him. He'd arranged a private hearing in the judges chambers to hurry things along. Since he'd already "notified" my ex, on the phone, of when the hearing was to take place he saw no reason to notify him by mail, so my ex was never informed of the actual hearing date.

I stood in front of that judge and told him that we'd finally come to an agreement and that my ex didn't feel it necessary to miss a day of work of for the hearing. He shrugged, and declared me divorced and gave me the car! I got my divorce while my ex cooled his heels waiting for me at work - and I never met him. As soon as the divorce was final I got in my car and headed back to Oklahoma where I'd moved. When I paid off the car I needed my ex's signature on the title to get a new one even though I had divorce papers saying it was mine - so I was all upset wondering what I would do. My ex had not taken it well when he found out he was divorced - even threatened to have it overturned. I know now he couldn't do that. Anyway, my friend grabbed the title from me and signed it with my ex's name without me asking - and I got my title.

To this day I still avoid the ex!

Is this the kind of confessions you're looking for Smile emoticon Seems kind of funny to tell it now, although it kept me awake at night during the time it was happening. I was so afraid of getting caught.

Missy Martine

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