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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sexy, romantic stuff

What are the sexiest songs you know? The most romantic? I found a new song, "Summer Rain" by Michael Morrison from Glee that absolutely blows me away. I have to use it in a book, maybe several books!

Michael Buble and Michael Morrison have very sexy versions of "Sway" out there. Using it in my NYC love story, "To Love or Not to Love." I dance to it in the kitchen when I'm feeding the dog. Tell me your favorite romantic/sexy songs!

Came up with a character name, Rook Devlin that made me laugh at first. Then friends said they loved it. So he crept into my mind. On the train ride home from Boston yesterday I outlined a story for Rook. Gave him a great love he only sees, mysteriously, on vacation. Don't want to give away the story. But it will be a fun romance to write.


Kim Bowman Author said...

I love the name, too, Jean. Most romantic song I know is Pocketful of Rainbows by Elvis Presley. Site looks great!

Vanessa said...

I always loved "So She Dances" by Josh Groban... :)

kathleenball said...

can't think of a song-- my coffee maker broke- on a monday- but I am excited to read rook's story

Jean said...

That's okay. If your coffee maker is broken, it's surprising you can still string words together and haven't had a breakdown yet!

Nell Dixon said...

If you ever really loved a woman by Bryan Adams is the most romantic song I can think of.